Updated: May 18, 2020

What you’re seeing here is a mass grave. No, it’s not the Holocaust or Pol Pot's handiwork or even North Korea. It’s the USA in April 2020.

It’s evidence of the mass execution of whole segments of the American population, predominately those whom the Administration in Washington has deemed expendable. The elderly who no longer pay taxes or vote, already entombed in hospitals and nursing homes. The infirm of all ages who benefit from Medicare and seldom get out to vote. Children too young to pay taxes or vote. A cynical culling of the herd.

I won’t go into the whys and wherefores of this deplorable situation; if you can’t figure it out by now, then you’re one of those imbeciles who voted for this gang of con artists and gangsters and continue to support them. But ignorance, even malicious ignorance, doesn’t lessen the shame that accrues to a generation that would willingly sacrifice their parents and grandparents in the interest of money.

Pierre Trudeau, Canada's former Prime Minister and the late father of the country's current leader, once stated that a compassionate society is measured by how it treats its weakest citizens. With his eloquent and crush-worthy son, Justin, steering the ship of state, that statement neatly sums up the difference between Canada, as well as most of today's culturally and economically advanced nations, and its American counterpart.

I’m speaking to you, MAGAt. And I’m speaking to US. All of us.

When that subsidy check with ‘Donald J. Trump’ scrawled at the bottom arrives, be sure to blow it on drugs, booze and lottery tickets. Forget the rent or mortgage payment or putting food in your children’s mouths. Head over to your favourite gun shop and purchase some nifty accessories for your AR-15. Get some extra militia gear to go with it. And lots of ammo. Gotta look the part when you march like lemmings on the state capitol to demand your so-called freedom.

You’re a fucking imbecile, a sad product of a society predicated on racism, bigotry and greed that equates the validation of man/womanhood with violence. You’re the end result of a low-quality education system (26th in the world) that failed to teach science and critical thinking skills. An astonishing number of you are barely literate. Many are illiterate.

You’re obese. You eat garbage. You talk trash. Your consistently bad choices have made America the laughing stock of the world. Your beloved Donald J. Trump and his miscreant offspring don't give a rat's ass about YOU. You are the very people they disdain the most: poor, maliciously ignorant and weak.

For those of you who managed to be born to the right parents, went to good schools, and married into money, I advise you to get into your gas guzzler and take a drive outside your trendy urban centers, a long drive, into West Virginia, Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. Check out the extreme poverty that doesn’t discriminate between Whites and persons of colour. Wanna know why Covid-19 hits non-Whites hardest? Just look around, if you dare. This is the real America, the one outside your cushy corporate playpen.

Many of the occupants of those cheap pressboard coffins stacked like cordwood and covered over by bulldozers survived the Great Depression. Some were combat veterans of World War II, Korea and Vietnam. They built the national infrastructure, the highway network and electrical power grids, the skyscrapers and sidewalks. They put a man on the moon long before most of you were born. They birthed you and nursed you back to health when you were a sick child. They tried to teach you right from wrong (and obviously failed).

They ‘Made America Great.’

You have negated everything your parents and grandparents achieved at great personal sacrifice. You sat on the sidelines, hooting and cheering, while a madman leading a gang of sycophants and toadies dismantled a once great democracy that is now gone forever.

In the end, you betrayed those who gave you life.

So, here’s some more advice. Head off to the beaches this coming weekend. Or pick up your assault rifle and join the thousands marching on state capitols to intimidate and threaten those remaining right-thinking citizens and government functionaries who struggle to protect you against yourselves. Tune into your President’s idiotic Covid-19 briefings. And drink the Kool Aid. Just drink the Kool Aid.

By far, you are the dumbest generation ever. You are America’s Shame. Don’t expect any tears when the bulldozers toss you into the pit. Even your own despicable offspring won’t be able to locate your bones. If they’re anything like you, they won’t even care.

A fitting end to a population that didn’t merit the rights and freedoms bequeathed them by a nobler and more deserving generation.

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