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Babes in Bikinis

Updated: Jun 2

How to groom your child for sex work

Toddlers in Tiaras. Source: The List

While researching this article, I met with an embedded advertisement encouraging me to purchase America’s №1 ball trimmer that comes with a ‘sack-safe’ blade and game-changing balls lotion.

We're not talking baseballs, golf balls, tennis balls or bowling balls here. We’re talking testicles.

Why does this seem strange? Well, for one thing, I was simply looking for enlightening articles on child beauty pageants and how they contribute to the sexualization of kids from toddlers to teens. I guess the merchandising sector thinks this is a great place to reach paedophiles trolling for free child porn. And no, I wasn’t on PornHub. It was a site called AptParenting. Do these guys ever screen their advertisers?

Actually, this article is an adjunct to an earlier piece entitled ‘Pedosexual is Not a Gender Orientation,’ published on Medium before they turfed me out for challenging the woke status quo. Nonetheless, the article gleaned thousands of reads, so perhaps there is an audience that prefers truth over alternate facts and slavering adherence to the politically correct.

After receiving some interesting commentary, I thought the topic deserved more investment. There are plenty of articles, blog entries, and podcasts out there treating the subject of international paedophile rings and the trafficking of underage boys and girls for sex, but my focus here is not on the criminal element. It’s on parents who groom their children to be sex symbols and thereby set them up for downstream exploitation. Call it soft criminality.

As a parent of four grown children — and I’m proud of having done a pretty good job of it — I’m appalled by two kinds of parents; actually three. The first kind are convinced that their offspring are super-kids. The second kind turns them into sex symbols. The third kind of parent doesn’t know where their underage daughter or son has been for the last six months. I call them “Jeffrey Epstein parents” because those parents are ultimately responsible for the exploitation and abuse of their daughters and sons by preditors and perverts with too much money. If you want my views on this kind of parent/child relationship, then please see Rushing from Cell to Cell (also banned from Medium).

In my universe, the children of all three parent types are victims of child abuse.

Some argue that child beauty pageants build character, teach participants to be outgoing, and provide an environment wherein children make lifelong friends and glean wonderful memories. None of this, of course, is remotely accurate. More often, the participants are merely the unfortunate tools of venomous adults who exploit their own offspring for personal gain.

Competition pressure, constant practice at walking and posturing and talking provocatively, anxiety and fear of rejection and failure, being forced to wear clothing that isn’t age-appropriate (bikinis and low-cut evening gowns, bare midriff), fake breasts, preposterous grooming sessions that include tooth bleaching and falsies, dangerous skin tanning, Botox and plastic surgery; these are all elements figuring in the abuse.

Botox can ruin your life. It will really destroy your child’s life. Photo credit: Sam Moqadam on Upsplash

What makes those lips so red?

Ever wonder why red lipstick is so red? It’s because it contains a high percentage of lead to make it opaque so that the red pigment reflects back all the light instead of being semi-transparent. Smear lead onto a child’s lips, then tell me you’re not a poisoner. Despite the undecipherable ingredients listed on eco-friendly cosmetics packages, most of the lipstick consumed by children and teenagers is of the cheapest Made-in-China variety

The curse of child beauty pageants

Parents who enroll their young daughters in beauty pageants routinely ignore the issue of security. Some just don’t give a rat’s ass because what they want is to live vicariously through their kid. The wannabe Miss America mom. The failed actress mom. The repressed paedophile dad already grooming a replacement for the failed actress mom. These people are sick. And they’re ruining their children.

Kids need to have a childhood. I often tell the story of my own grandfather who arrived in America in the stinking bilge of a rusting hulk of a ship, alone at the age of seven. In a way, his childhood was stolen from him by poverty and the despair of loving parents who preferred to see their son make his fortune elsewhere than die of starvation in the "old country.". But these parents aren’t starving; and still they deny their kids a childhood.

If every child who ever entered a beauty pageant was guaranteed to win first prize, then perhaps I wouldn’t be so critical. But that’s not reality. There is only one first prize winner. All the rest are losers.

Child beauty pageants are not like team sports wherein players who assist in scoring a goal also bask in the limelight and losses as well as wins are shared. Team building isn’t even in these parents’ vocabularies or the vocabularies of the shameless promoters of these spectacles. In a child’s mind, the frustration and despair of losing means facing displeased parents who invested lots of time and money when she just wasn’t good enough. This aspect is never lost on any child. They may be small, but they aren’t stupid. The psychological and emotional damage is lifelong.

Depriving a girl of her childhood and forcing her to grow up before she’s ready is a train wreck in the making. These kids are constantly told that they are better than others and that winning is everything, but inside they have very low self-esteem. Put them on a stage to compete against other similarly damaged kids and you get what you get: a freak show.

Sexual exploitation and murder

The worst aspect of this story is that kids groomed for glamour are more vulnerable to sexual exploitation from both family members and outsiders. Preteens who dress like provocative Las Vegas showgirls and hookers attract that kind of attention (what other kind is there?) but without the adult skills to manage it. Many of these kids are actually sold into sexual slavery or forced to engage in sex acts with adults by the unrelenting pressure of avaricious parents who just don’t know when to stop.

The worst case outcome for these children is the life and death of 6-year-old JonBenét Ramsey, a child beauty queen. JonBenét was used and abused in every possible way. She died of a broken skull and strangulation inside her own home. Her parents, John and Patsy Ramsey did everything in their power to hinder the investigation and subsequent prosecution of an unidentified person for first-degree murder. Everyone in the case seems to have something to hide, but what is it?

JonBenét Ramsey. Photo credit: eonline

JonBenét’s active role in child beauty pageants and Patsy’s obsessive pageant mother behavior were extensively reported by the media after the murder. Like many wealthy people when faced with accusations they don’t like, the Ramsey’s filed a deluge of defamation lawsuits. Although DNA profiling and every other means of forensic investigation has been employed, JonBenét’s murder is unlikely to ever be solved.

We can blame sexual predators and paedophiles for everything from COVID-19 to the stock market crash, but like every other industry, this one too needs feedstock.

And there’s plenty of it.

But how does one rationalize the exploitation of toddlers, preteens and early teen girls by their own parents? These kids are nothing but pure victims.

Parents who groom and display young children as sex symbols are selfish, irresponsible, borderline criminals, although there is no law against forcing a child to undergo plastic surgery and Botox treatments, wear skimpy bikinis and fake boobs, or parade their booty on a stage in front of a crowd of leering adults.

Some even get away with murder.

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