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Joe Biden has finally won the White House. For himself and the Republicans.

As the ardor of a contested election begins to cool and it becomes grudgingly obvious that the will of right-thinking (as opposed to thinking on the Right) citizens truly prevailed, the incoming Biden-Harris Administration moves, one teeny-weeny step at a time, toward its Day of Reckoning.

Here’s the rub. On his third attempt, Biden won the Presidency at the same time that Democrats lost seats in the House and failed to swing the Senate. This isn’t a formula for change. It’s a prescription for intensified conflict and, I’m aggrieved to point out, a return of the Trump Gang in 2024. For the next four years, Republicans will continue to dictate policy and thereby run the US government. Biden can select new cabinet secretaries but they won't be who you think.

What does winning the Presidency but losing the legislature tell us?

It tells us that perhaps our MAGAt (e.g., 70 million voters) countrymen, with their White Supremacist and Neo-Nazi leanings, may have something to teach their polar opposites on the political spectrum. It may tell us why, despite all the name-calling, lies and innuendo, corruption and dirty tricks, sycophantic obeisance and toadyism of the Republican Party, and its ignorant racist displays, not to put too much emphasis on the actual violence and mobilization of military and police forces against the country’s own citizens, the GOP retained its control of the Senate and actually won additional seats in the House. The number of voters who selected Trump as their choice in 2020 exceeded the number in 2016, including the number of Black and Latino voters. I won’t go into the actual statistics here. It’s all readily available on the internet.

What I’m proposing is that Donald J. Trump attracted more voters this time because MAGAts are beginning to actually look at the issues while Democratic Party supporters settled on jingoism and a cult of personality. This may seem odd, especially in light of the most pressing and deadly issue of all: the outgoing Administration’s non-response to the still raging Covid-19 pandemic that promises no abatement. Although we might take solace in pronouncements from Pfizer and other Right-leaning drug companies that a vaccine is forthcoming, we should remain sober. A vaccine against the 1918-19 Spanish Flu didn’t materialize in the market until 1940, and it wasn’t for lack of trying. These things take time, and the Biden Administration’s chances of claiming the defeat of CV-19 as a political milestone, as Trump attempted pre-election, is still a pipe dream. Pharmaceutical companies make political pronouncements as easily as Donald Trump tweets nonsense, and with similar motives. The critical issue here, and President Biden will need to address it sooner or later, is that Americans as a whole (70 million MAGAts is a really big number and those are only the ones who actually voted) won’t wear masks, wash their hands, social distance, or take seriously any of the measures that his new Covid-19 Task Force will insist upon.

The operative principle in America operates in all countries where a large voter base has placed a tyrant on a pedestal with so much fanfare as they did in 2016, or put somewhat differently, where an investor has made a bad call. We humans are very reluctant to take ownership of our own mistakes. We consistently and deliberately shoot ourselves in the foot then insist it was the gun that acted of its own free will. We throw good money after bad. And we seldom learn.

The reason that this time even more citizens voted for an unabashed racist, misogynist and sexual predator, liar and thief is only partly due to the human tendency to raise even a failed tyrant to the level of a god, just to convince ourselves that we’d not made a big mistake in the first place, in other words: deep, deep denial.

The main reason for the increased turnout for Trump is that the rhetoric of change as mouthed by the other side scares half the American people to death. This time, they’re taking actual issues into account, and what they don't understand they fear.

America IS a society predicated on racism, bigotry and greed. The whole world knows and acknowledges this condition, although most Americans will insist it isn’t so. Nobody, not even Joe Biden, is going to turn this morass of discontent and hatred into a rose garden overnight, or even over a century. Half the American people, and perhaps more, are unapologetic racists whose mission in life is to accumulate wealth, although few will achieve it. They are what they are, and they’re terrified of change. They’d rather stick with the devil they know than make even the slightest effort to understand what terms like ‘socialism’ actually mean and how programs and policies that have proven enormously beneficial to people in more democratic countries like Canada, UK and the European Union can actually impact their lives in a positive way. They want increased police presence in their lives and they want racist police forces to keep Blacks in their ‘place.’ They cherish the misbegotten notion that anyone in America can become as rich and powerful as Donald J. Trump, and they are quite willing to admit that if, by some miracle, they actually could, then they would enjoy behaving just a badly. Stealing from a children’s cancer charity? Sure. Why not?

Over half of America’s voting mothers think that a racist grifter and his porn star third wife make excellent role models for their children. They mortgaged their children's future to that very notion on November 3.

Half the American voter base has said it loud: they don’t want significant change. They don’t want to eliminate hatred as a defining feature of their culture. They don’t want anything more inspiring than going to that meaningless, insecure job day after day, with little opportunity and even less hope. They don't mind paying more taxes out of their meagre wages than their billionaire leaders or that their billionaire President pays no taxes at all. They don’t mind the fact that an unanticipated health crisis, including a Covid-19 infection, could wipe them out financially. They think that six-figure student debt is some kind of right-of-passage into the exalted realm of that elitist 1% who control 42% of the nation’s wealth. They want to throw plastic containers into the environment and pump pollutants into the air. They think it’s okay for monster corporations to rape the last remaining enclaves of nature in Alaska and other out of sight regions. They love fracking and ‘clean coal.’ They don’t give a rat’s ass about their children’s future or the future of life on earth. And most troubling of all, they adore their guns.

Can the incoming Biden-Harris Administration win over these 70 million misled individuals to a better and more practical approach to resolving America’s problems and, by extension, those of the world? Does it even want to? Does America even have any problems?

Thus far, there’s no indication that there is even the slightest will to try. Biden's first climate appointment is Representative Cedric Richmond, one of the Democratic Party’s top recipients of fossil fuel industry money, who has repeatedly voted with Republicans against Democratic environmental legislation and for bills to help oil and gas companies. ( The optics are bad, but the Democratic machine is counting on voters' myopic stupidity and inability to put two and two together. It suggests that pending appointments will slant toward professional politicians whose reelection campaigns rely on donations from commercial interests diametrically opposed to anything resembling a Green New Deal. The Sunrise Movement, a grassroots group pushing for a Green New Deal commented on Twitter: “How will young people & frontline communities trust our voices will be heard louder than Big Oil in a @JoeBiden administration?”

Then there's VP-elect Kamala Harris's unabashed coziness with an individual who has come to symbolize the epitome of duplicity and corruption, Republican Senator Lindsay Graham. Now, if you've read my previous posts, you already know that I'm not a huge Kamala fan and for a number of good reasons. I'm thrilled that a woman of color has finally broken the glass ceiling to sit in the White House as VP and, hopefully, one day as President, but I was looking for a candidate with better qualifications and a more credible code of ethics. In a nation of 340 million souls, it shouldn't be too hard to identify such a person; however, what I said about Republican supporters applies equally to Democrats. Americans don't want qualifications and ethics. They want bread and circuses.

Senator Graham and VP-elect Harris actually agree on all the Republican core policies such as Wall Street, the military-industrial complex, Silicon Valley, crime and punishment and policing (repressive versus alternate proposals) and a stubborn resistance to any meaningful change. Graham is chairman of the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee while Harris made her name as a tough-on-crime California Attorney General. We (the 70 million who put Kamala in office) were so busy lamenting the shit show of the last four years that we forgot what the core policies and issues actually were, if we ever did know.

Kamala Harris and Lindsay Graham in the midst of a global pandemic. Note the absence of masks or any social distancing.

Now Senator Graham has been caught in a shameless call to Brad Raffensberger, the secretary of the state of Georgia and a key Republican supporter, pleading with Raffensberger to tamper with the election results. Even Republicans are beginning to fidget in their seats and debating whether or not to distance themselves from Graham. On November 17, VP-elect Harris was caught on video, tete-a tete with Senator Graham, and fist bumping like two peas in a pod, which in fact they are.

Call that strike two for the Biden-Harris Administration and they haven't even been sworn in yet.

The reality for the country is that although the shit show in Washington may take on a more subdued tone over the next four years, nothing will change. That's because, as President Obama pointed out, America's is a single-party system. Two squads of the same team pass the ball back and forth every four years but there's only one goal post. Like I said, America is a society predicated on racism, bigotry and greed, symbolized by both factions espousing the same core values. The one-party system needs to rein in its renegade Republican faction if it wants to preserve any vestige of democratic process, though it obviously doesn't. The 2020 election was a lesson in how to co-opt and neutralize one of the last democratic elements left to us, the electoral process. When the Trump Gang makes its comeback in 2024, it will have learned how to game the system successfully, and that will be the end. The bitter end.

Meanwhile, as the Biden-Harris Administration begins to staff up with appointees whose resumes evidence the exact opposite of the values and policies exhibited during their election campaign, and the President and VP climb into bed with the worst perpetrators of the fracas of the last four years, those who sit on the power bases remain unconcerned. The pharmaceutical companies, banks and credit card companies, the insurance industry, and healthcare mega-corporations are not as nervous as they should be. The prisons-for-profit industry is ramping up for increased intake and record profits. And Reality Winner - a person whose plight symbolizes everything that's amiss with the American justice system - is still incarcerated with little hope of a pardon or even early release (please see

In fact, neither Joe Biden nor Kamala Harris even mentioned her name during their entire election campaign. Winner and other whistleblowers aren’t on their radar. Why? Because, as I've pointed out, America’s is a single party system. Joe and Kamala are just as afraid of whistleblowers, transparency and accountability as were their predecessors in office.

Remember that until January 21, 2021, Donald J. Trump is still President. Should Trump decide to pardon Reality Winner or relieve the judicial pressure on Julian Assange before January 21, he will score a shit-load of points with voters on both sides of the political divide, especially that narrow margin that could swing the government either way. And let’s not kid ourselves. The Trumps are already plotting a comeback in 2024. Ivanka has every chance of becoming America’s first elected woman President.

Please don’t laugh. The American collective memory is very short, and the increase in the number of Trump votes in 2020, along with Biden's very slim margin, signifies widespread endorsement of the Trump Dynasty. The pendulum could easily swing the other way in 2024 if the Biden-Harris Administration doesn’t perform miracles, never mind keeping its hands clean. Like I said, there always comes a day of reckoning in every democratic society, and that’s voting day. It’s a well-worn maxim that no politician will back any program or bill that doesn’t come to fruition in less than 4 years, the interval between elections. Four years isn't very long.

I’ve been criticized as unrealistically negative, labelled a troll and a despicable human being, and called other less-printable epithets. I receive threats and they’re not coming from the Right. In rebuttal, I can only claim that I and my family (3 generations in America) have paid enough taxes, voted in enough elections, and spilled enough blood in this country’s defense to claim a stake in its future. I don’t get paid for writing this blog. If America were an investment portfolio of penny stocks and junk bonds, I’d have divested myself long ago. But one’s roots and allegiances, like one’s religious convictions, run deep. I too am product of a defective education system that instills racism in its young charges but fails to teach critical thinking skills. America never treated immigrants and persons of color (like ourselves) as first-class citizens, and it continues to insist on our silence on the subject of White privilege. It demands that we accept a status quo that oppresses everyone except the Uber-rich.

That’s why Donald J. Trump enjoyed an increase in votes. He won some major battles although, like the lull in hostilities between World Wars I and II, he lost the first round. But mark these words: Fascism is on the rise in the world, and the USA leads the assault on the democratic process everywhere, especially at home.

Surprise us, Joe. Don’t disappoint us. Pull some rabbits out of that hat. We gave you a chance and 70 million voters are expecting a positive return on their investment as each day moves us closer to that Day of Reckoning, only four years hence.