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Readers of this blog already know what a great fan I am of America’s First Lady (NOT!). I’m also unsupportive of the cheap shots, name-calling, shaming, back-stabbing, lying, and general mudslinging - not to forget the corruption - emblematic of her husband’s presidency and, by extension, her knee-jerk complicity. Nonetheless, one needs to keep the Trump Era in perspective.

As asserted in an earlier article (, the United States isn’t, and never was, the country of the American revolutionary mythos. It is instead a society predicated on racism, bigotry and greed from whence the ship of civility has long since sailed.

Not surprising that America has lately become a laughingstock on the world stage, a situation that has as much to do with American history as it does with the emergence of the Trumps as its most vital representation.

The crude antics of Donald J. Trump aside, can anyone imagine Queen Elizabeth II posing nude for GQ? Or even the newly minted and better endowed Duchess Meghan Markle, for that matter? Yet, Americans seem to think it’s okay for the country’s First Lady to feature in cheesy porn shots that every red-blooded adolescent knows what to do with.

As Brutus declared back in the 1st century, I’m not here to eulogize a Caesar but to bury one. A page has been turned and the country needs to accept the new normal and move on. Eleanor Roosevelt and Michelle Obama are no longer role models for American women and girls. A Slovenian immigrant with a questionable past is their new national idol. Melania’s nude photos appeared in print long before the 2016 presidential election, and her husband’s own sordid history was also public knowledge, yet roughly half the American electorate selected this couple as their best and brightest. Women's rights and the #MeToo Movement aside, half America's women voters elevated Melania Knaus to the office of First Lady. The unavoidable conclusion is that Americans finally have the leadership they deserve.

Like everything else in the USA, it’s all about money; nonetheless, behind Melania's tacky façade is a person.

Whether the First Lady was a gold-digging call girl, as some writers have asserted, or a virginal young fashion model, as her husband insists, is totally irrelevant. Melania’s public appearances, as well as anecdotal information leaked from White House staff, suggest that she is reconsidering the wisdom of having gone down the aisle with the repulsive but very rich Donald J. Trump. There were other prospects among the Epstein-Maxwell illuminati that might have offered less embarrassing but still lucrative marriage prospects. And what's in that prenup agreement, anyway?

I'll defend the First Lady on at least a few issues.

That the Trumps sleep in separate bedrooms doesn't mean they're not a loving couple. Ever tried to sleep in the same room with a spouse who snores like an asthmatic locomotive? Or whose nasal passages have been eaten away by cocaine and Adderall abuse? You get what I mean. If hubby behaves in front of his wife like he does in front of his 'base', it's understandable that no woman would care to occupy the same bedroom, let alone the same bed. Not for any amount of money.

And who dug up those mouldy old photos and got them into the tabloid media, during a presidential election no less? Well, there's a curious distribution of responsibility (e.g., guilt) around this one. Some say it was her husband's go-fer, Roger Stone, who leaked Melania's Slovakia-era nude and lesbian-themed snapshots to the press as revenge for her angry reaction to Donald shamelessly banging a porn star and Playboy model and the release of the Access Hollywood tape. In Trump's usual erratic manner, he was quite willing to throw his own wife under the bus just to have the last word.

Later, Trump tried to defend his wife's pre-marital faux pas, as well as his own callousness, by claiming that "In Europe, pictures like this are very fashionable and common."

Well, gentle reader, I live in Europe and assure you that they are not.

And what about that more recent GQ spread? After that semi-nude shoot, the President even asked that the proofs be sent to his desk. Complicity all around. This time it was both POTUS and FLOTUS thumbing their noses at the American people. Cheeky!

The same White House staff so eager to leak salacious details of the Trump marriage to the press also describe Melania as being warm and kind, even genuine. Inside the package, there really is a person, they insist, albeit one prone to morphing into a talking head. A physically attractive package to be sure, but without much in the way of brains or even common sense.

But seriously, now. Take your typical suburban housewife with stockbroker husband, swimming pool, two SUV’s in the driveway, kids in a private school. What's the difference between her and the little girl selling her booty on the street corner? The only real difference is the level of risk versus reward. Melania Trump isn’t very different from the rest of us.

Okay #MeToo, call me misogynist. The reality is that more witch hunts won’t hide the fact that America has become a laughingstock as the Trumps establish a new and embarrassing normal that is here to stay. The behavioural standards for FLOTUS are appallingly low. That little girl selling sex on the street corner can easily achieve them.

If one revisits Melania’s less revealing photo ops, public statements and tweets, it’s painfully obvious that she’s operating in survival mode. And if this woman has any sense at all, she must surely recognize that her name will not go down well in history. She won’t be eulogized like Eleanor Roosevelt for having championed women’s dignity and civil rights or even peace in the world. She will, however, be remembered for mocking migrant children detained in concentration camps (“I really don’t care, do you?”) while lending her name to a toothless anti-cyberbullying program, at the same time defending her husband’s public abuse of teenager Greta Thunberg, a girl of whom the First Lady should be enormously proud rather than jealous. And that’s not to mention her imbecilic stand on ‘birtherism.’

But then, isn’t it all about money? Your life, my life, and Melania’s life?

And by the way, a bit of advice to bloggers who think that FLOTUS45 equates with HOETUS 45: America’s First Lady prefers her apologies in cash.

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