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If the incoming Biden-Harris Administration hopes to repair any of the wreckage caused by the insane fuckery of Donald J. Trump, then they’ll need to turf out the biggest asshole ever to take his seat in the Congress. You know who I’m talking about. Ditch the Senate Majority Leader, Republican Mitch McConnell.

This ethically challenged racist goober from Kentucky is the de facto ruler of the United States of America.

I’m not exaggerating here. As of February 2020, he’d blocked 395 bills that earlier passed the House of Representatives and were forwarded to the Senate for endorsement, most with bipartisan support. That’s right. He’s annulled the will of even his own party by refusing to put the legislation forward for a Senate vote. Why? Because Mitch McConnell is in it for himself. He’s one of the most notoriously corrupt politicians the country has seen in its long and very corrupt history. McConnell represents that confederacy of corruption predicated on a thousand points of evil: the powerful donor network eating at the heart America.

McConnell’s home state of Kentucky is locked in a desperate race with Alabama for the title ‘Poorest State in the Union.” Kentucky ranks No.2 (out of 50) for the title 'Most Federally Dependant State' and receives back twice what it pays into federal coffers, placing it squarely among the welfare queens of the USA. This is the key to understanding why Kentuckians keep returning this fraudster to office, that is, education in the state ranks 43 on list of 50, leaving students more or less the way it found them: dumber than a sack of hammers. In a country that ranks 26th on a global list for academic achievement (Finland is No. 1), that's pretty gol'darn low.

McConnell has exploited the endemic ignorance of his constituents, relying on personal slander, barrages of lies and innuendo to defeat any and all contenders. In a country where children are not taught science or critical thinking skills, bamboozling maliciously ignorant constituents is a slam dunk. McConnell has been enriching himself this way for decades.

But isn’t McConnell’s death grip on democracy in America proof that America IS still a democracy.

Well, is it?

No. It isn’t. The fact is that the role of Senate Majority Leader is merely traditional, dating back to the 1930's, a time within living memory. It’s not enshrined in the Constitution. What the Constitution mandates is that the sitting Vice President assumes the role that Mitch McConnell has monopolized and jealously defended for decades. Actually, the increasingly corrupt GOP handpicked him for the role, and the complacent American people allowed these sneak thieves to hijack their democratic process.

Even former President Obama didn’t have the cojones to challenge McConnell's grip on the legislative process. Why? Because, like Trump himself, McConnell doesn’t operate on his own. He is backed by a powerful cabal of enablers. Their money can slander any adversary, as McConnell has proven by his own election campaign tactics; it can even kill. We can get rid of both Trump AND McConnell and still remain dead in the water with a stinking albatross around our neck. But that’s a broader subject and too tedious for a short blog post.

Joe Biden promises to fix America’s ills. He also promises to heal rather than divide. Joe has a long history of compromise and he’s huggy-kissy with the worst and most dishonorable of America’s professional politicians. Like I pointed out in a previous post (www.francescorizzuto.com/post/american-idiot), Joe maintained a close working relationship with the Senate’s signature racist, the despicable late Strom Thurmond who, during his tenure as a judge in South Carolina, sentenced a woman to death then raped her in the back seat of his limousine on the trip back to the prison. A man can’t stoop any lower than to rape a walking dead woman, and anyone who flatters or even condescends to speak to such a monster forfeits respect. But that’s Joe. He’s going to heal America.

What Joe needs to do – after freeing Reality Winner (www.francescorizzuto.com/post/a-dose-of-reality) and a few other innocent victims of American injustice – is to insist on strictly following the Constitution and installing VP Kamala Harris as Senate leader, thereby relieving McConnell of any actual power. But he won’t do this because Harris wasn’t selected to get a job done. She was selected as Biden's VP primarily because she is a woman and a person of colour. It was the only way that Biden could hope to win the Presidency. That's not to say that Harris is incompetent, but it's highly unlikely that POTUS46 or his VP will venture to rock the sinking boat. Much of what's wrong with America reverts back to fundamentals: the Electoral College, control of the Senate, and other issues that cry out for major Constitutional revision.

Let’s not forget that 55% of White women voted Trump in 2020. That’s roughly half the women in America. Many of those who eventually voted Biden had considered Elizabeth Warren a far better choice for both President and VP. But Elizabeth had qualifications and a distinguished track record as a teacher and economist. Although a senator, she wasn’t a professional politician and she wasn’t physically attractive either. Warren didn't even get named for Treasury Secretary in the new Administration. Sorry, America. You shat where you eat. Again.

There’s another way to unseat McConnell without resorting to enforcing the Constitution which nobody seems to give a rat's ass about anyway. Judging from the grass roots support that’s building for Trump’s allegations of a stolen election, Americans don’t care about the democratic process itself, Constitution or no Constitution. They only care about stoking the mindless and unproductive hatred that the country seems to thrive on. But there’s still a ray of hope that if two contested Senate seats up for grabs in Georgia in a December 2020 run-off are won by Democrats, then the Senate could flip to blue, or very close to it (purple, say?), and McConnell could be out on his ham hocks and cornpone ass.

That’s very unlikely to happen. Georgia runs a close race with Kentucky and Alabama as the sick men of America. Not only can’t its government support itself, its citizens can’t make intelligent decisions. The Southern States have long exemplified the uniquely American notion that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your ignorance.’ Just take a road trip through rural Georgia, or anywhere in the South, if you doubt this. Whites are just as impoverished as Blacks in this state but as Texas Democrat Lyndon B. Johnson observed: “If you can convince the lowest White man that he’s better than the best Colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll even empty his pockets for you.”

The incumbent Georgian Republican Senator David Purdue is just as ornery and corrupt as his Senate leader and idol and, like McConnell, what he’s really good at is bamboozling the voters. Remember, Americans as a rule are not thinking people. They get huge headaches when attempting to struggle with big ideas, like what’s good for them and for the nation. They are followers, looking to politicians and church leaders for answers. They have extremely short attention spans that demand short term solutions. Expecting a Georgia voter to be critical and analytical and make informed decisions is like asking a pig to fly. You can ask, but it’s not going to happen. No way.

Just look at the other Georgia senatorial incumbent begging to be returned to Washington, the intrepid and very wealthy socialite, Kelly Loeffler. Despite her campaign efforts to project a 'down home' image, Loeffler isn't even from Georgia (she was born and raised in Illinois). She literally bought her way into the Senate, not by election but through appointment by Republican governor Brian Kemp and profited handsomely from speculating on the impact of CV-19 on the stock market. According to Loeffler, insider trading, and corruption in general, are A-Okay. Loeffler needs Mitch McConnell as much as Mitch needs her. And Georgia voters are very likely to grant them their wishes.

In my own crystal ball, I see Georgia going red. What that means is that America, and the world, gets another four years of Republican tyranny and a further slide toward totalitarianism. The cancer that began with the Bush dynasty and persisted through 2016 with Donald Trump and his miscreant offspring can only lead us in one direction, that is, to the election of Ivanka Trump to the Presidency in 2024. (Please see https://francesco-rizzuto.medium.com/the-law-of-unintended-consequences-1a28a97fa436).

The country will soon tire of an ineffective and conflict-ridden Biden Administration. Like his many failed attempts to win the Presidency, Joe Biden will be a one-term President, that is, if he actually survives the next 4 years.

Please don’t get me wrong here. I’m thrilled and delighted that Donald Trump is theoretically on his way out of office. But I’m fearful for the future. An election success predicated on personalities is what the country wanted but isn’t what the country needed. If Joe doesn’t survive his term in office, then Kamala Harris will become President by default.

Why should that worry anyone? Harris is conservative (e.g., not far left), well educated, experienced and, I dare to add, had more pre-election sex appeal than other candidates. Joe could have chosen any number of better qualified men or women of colour. He could have chosen Elizabeth Warren - who actually had some plans - or another better qualified Black woman has his running mate. There were plenty available. You get the picture. He could have chosen Kim Kardashian as his running mate and achieved the same result. We're that gullible. So, if Harris should inherit the Presidency by default, then she'd better have already neutralized the Senate Majority Leader because without the more experienced and better connected Biden to run interference, McConnell with eat her alive.

Now remember that 55% of White women voters chose Trump in 2020. After all, he promised to save the suburbs. In 2024 even more White women will choose Ivanka Trump as their President. Ivanka has more sex appeal and a more expensive wardrobe than Kamala's and, slapping down her 'Trump Card (yes, a pun),' Ivanka is a mother, something Kamala is not. And that will tip the fragile balance in favour of Fascism and put the finishing touches on the deconstruction of democracy in America. It’s been a long time coming, and political pundits both left and right have warned us. So, don’t say we didn’t know.

What’s positive in all this? Well, the incoming Administration can take the initiative and remove, by impeachment if necessary, Mitch McConnell from the Senate. They need to get to work to rectify what could easily prove to be a pyrrhic election victory. They can’t rely on Joe Biden to charm Republicans into sidelining McConnell for everyone’s ultimate benefit, because the GOP is too far gone for that. Instead, VP Harris needs to demand, and assume by force if necessary, her Constitutionally mandated role in the Senate. And she needs to lure a substantial number of those White women voters away from Ivanka in 2020. That can be accomplished by unblocking those 395 pieces of legislation languishing on McConnell's desk.

Meanwhile, foxy Mitch McConnell is already implementing an exit plan, just in case. In a sneak preview of the obstructionism to come if Democrats don't somehow succeed in winning a majority in the Senate, McConnell reiterated his call for lawsuit protections for 'everyone related to the coronavirus,' whether it's politicians, doctors, nurses, businesses, K-12 schools and colleges, covering the period from December 2019 to December 2024. If Biden, Harris and Pelosi - indeed if America itself - wants the much needed CV-19 stimulus bill languishing on McConnell's desk, they're going to have to cough up what amounts to a pardon. This global immunity includes the Trump Administration’s clownish pandemic task force (please see www.francescorizzuto.com/post/an-animal-that-sucks-its-own-dick).

Trump and the GOP are testing the system and the mettle of the American people by pushing through the concept of 'pre-emptive pardons' for themselves and their cronies, something McConnell is proposing with his Covid-19 Noli me Tangere bill. A 'pardon' by its nature implies guilt. Innocent men don't accept pardons, a contradiction in terms. Mitch McConnell is complicit in the deaths of over 250,000 Americans, increasing at the rate of 2,500 each day, not to mention all the pain and suffering caused by those 395 pieces of legislation with which he holds the American people ransom.

We've ended Trumpism at the polls, at least fore the next four years. Now let's end McConnellism in the Senate.

Please, Joe and Kamala. Ditch Mitch!

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