Updated: 2 days ago

Sorry, readers. I just couldn’t pass this up.

You know how sometimes people you’ve totally forgotten suddenly, and for no good reason, reappear in your life? Or as André Breton put it: “(In the) reality of certain forms of previously neglected associations, in the omnipotence of dream, in the disinterested play of thought?”

Well, last night an old flame inserted herself between frames 547 and 853 of the omnipotence of dream. There was a storefront dance studio where we‘d both come to audition for a 60's revue. She’d be somewhere around 75 years-old by now. Still looking great. Sexy. And of course there was yours truly with his kissable Crest Tooth Whitener smile and still-slim waist, and those spiffy, new winged-messenger sneakers, so irresistible and, I must admit, dazzling. Invited her for a drink then discovered that my dent-plagued\ '58 Impala had been towed, which pretty much encapsulates the entire history of our relationship. Well, like Donald said to Ghislaine: I wish her well. Resisting the urge to plug her name into the search engine on Facebook.

If computerized aging, like dreaming, could make one appear younger and hotter and not just older and sadder, then I’d swear I’ve seen these Trumpettes someplace before. A French Quarter bordello back in the 50’s maybe?

If that’s the case, then I sure hope they don’t show up in my dream tonight because I still owe them money. And at compounded interest over 60 years, well, that’s quite a lot, especially with Social Security on the chopping block.

The fact is that American women love Donald Trump. 47% voted Trump in 2016, and that’s something I totally failed to appreciate at the time. I understood why the others voted Hilary. She’s a woman. The fact that she’s also a crook and married to another crook (please see didn’t factor into my decision. Truth is, Hilary wouldn’t have grabbed ‘em by the p**sy, and she would have made a much better President than Bill or Donald any day and without alienating everybody.

I mean, do half the women in America vote the way their White Supremacist husbands order them to vote? Despite what has to be the world’s worst education system, I have to doubt that premise. Do half the women in America think that a professed racist and sexual predator who lies, cheats and steals makes a good role model for their sons? Or that a Slovakian former escort (unproven) and gold digger (obvious), who turned Jackie Kennedy’s Rose Garden into Gorky Park, makes a lovely role model for their daughters? I doubt that too. We may be stupid, but we’re not THAT stupid. Are we?

So why do American women love Donald Trump? Just ask the Trumpettes and they’ll tell you. It’s because everyone adores money, and money is power. And power is, well, it’s sexy.

Check into Facebook, Twitter, or any number of other social media platforms and what do you get? The story of everyone’s miserable life, their problems, their divorces, their sexual violations, their fibromyalgia, their alcoholism and/or drug addiction, their psychopathology, their bankruptcy, their abortions and vasectomies. Their powerlessness. And their rage. Yeah, their rage.

We rage against whatever drifts into our crosshairs. Rage doesn’t care about logic or reason, or even facts because rage is its own reward. If you don’t think that’s true, then just attend the next scheduled Trump Hate Rally. Indulge your rage. Feels so good. Better and less expensive than psychotherapy. Find a scapegoat and tear him/her to shreds with your rage. Hilary, Obama, Biden. Your next door neighbor. Anybody.

I could make a list of America’s most recent witch hunt victims but WTF. A society predicated on racism, bigotry and greed brings out the worst in its members. But we never rage against that, against our own worst qualities. When criminals like Michael Cohen open their hearts to us, we open our wallets to them. Why? Because in this bad dream that is America 2020, we are irresistibly drawn to, and at the same time repelled by, the perfect reflection of what we are. Racism, bigotry and greed. Everyone has his/her price. We'll do anything for attention and $$$.

A society predicated on racism, bigotry and greed exudes power and strength. But it’s always the power and strength of the bully.

American women and men love Donald Trump precisely because he’s a bully. The Trumpettes’ message is that it’s A-Okay to bully because in their universe every relationship is transactional. Whether it’s a 50-year marriage in a plush Manhattan townhouse or a 5-minute fuck in a shabby motel room (or that New Orleans bordello), at the root of every human interaction is money. And money is power. Money purchases rights, including the right to bully. No money and you're a loser, a sucker. That’s their code. Nothing else matters.

Everything in Donald Trump’s universe is transactional. You can bet those old girls aren’t getting their p**sies grabbed for free. There will always be a price to pay. Like paying the President’s legal defense bills for all those sexual abuse lawsuits. The final tab is going to be much pricier than any of us ever imagined.

If you care at all about addressing what’s really wrong with America, then get comfortable with the idea that the 2020 election – if an election happens at all – is going to be flawed. A nation of 350 million that can’t field better candidates than Trump and Biden is facing a serious uphill struggle.

But please DO vote Biden. Because the alternative will be the nightmare we all dread is coming. We may deserve it. But we don’t want it.

Vote Biden on November 3. Just do it!