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Congressmen/women: Because of your cowardice, Trump's militarized police and politicized military may unilaterally terminate all democratic institutions in the USA.

That's how dictatorships evolve.

And by the way, you will lose your job too... Please see

That’s the message I’ve been tweeting over the past 24 hours. Judging from Google Analytics, it’s going viral and my website’s been ringing off the hook.

I’m not sure why, though. But I suspect there’s a plausible explanation and it has nothing directly to do with my personal views on Donald ‘Charles Manson’ Trump. It’s because many Americans are worried that their leaders have abandoned them.

On June 2, 2020, The head of the Pentagon’s Joint Chiefs of Staff and Attorney General Barr ordered militarized police and soldiers to assault peaceful protestors with tear gas, percussion grenades, and rubber bullets to clear a path for President Trump from the White House to St. John’s Church. Here, in yet another tacky photo op, a Bible-waving President delivered an abbreviated version of his usual hate rally theme. Accompanying this wannabe President-For-Life, as if he were a personal bodyguard attired, not in a business suit or even his dress uniform, but in battle fatigues, was the nation’s top military leader, Army General Mark Milley.

Now, as an American expat living in the Mediterranean for over a decade, I have some familiarity with the residual effects of Fascism and the sorry history of Italy and Spain. In my 30+ years’ work in Africa and South America, I have observed first-hand how military dictatorships evolve, often with behind-the-scenes support from the American CIA and other international interest groups, including private corporations. I’ve also learned that racism, bigotry and greed are not uniquely American attributes and that everyone – that’s you and me, folks – has their price. It’s just that some people’s price is higher than others; nonetheless, anyone can be bought.

You may think me a cynical, toxic troll who grinds his teeth at night. But please read on.

What we witnessed yesterday was America’s top general betraying his soldier’s oath, unleashing the might of the world’s most awesome killing machine against his own fellow citizens. His Commander-in-Chief then waved a Bible in the air (upside down) while an army of uniformed minions without insignia or identifying marks of any kind proceeded to occupy the nation’s capitol. There is little room for doubt here. History will remember General Milley as having led, or at least set the stage for, a military revolt against the legitimate government of the United States.

So, let’s put this event into historical context.

In July of 1936, General Francisco Paulino Hermenegildo Teódulo Franco Bahamonde betrayed his soldier’s oath and led a military revolt against the elected government of the Spanish Republic. Wannabe dictator Franco waved a Bible in the air, proclaiming a new crusade against the enemies of Christ. His idol and friend, Adolph Hitler, chipped in by sending the Luftwaffe to ferry seventy thousand Muslim mercenaries recruited in Morocco and Algiers across the straits of Gibraltar, unleashing a reign of terror on the Spanish people.

Foreign governments are already distancing themselves from the Trump Administration, much the way they distanced themselves from the conflict in Spain during the 1930s. President Macron of France has declared that he will boycott the upcoming G7 conclave. Neither will the German Chancellor Angela Merkel attend. Merkel reportedly quipped to Macron: "I don't want to be in the same room with that guy (e.g., Trump)." Prime Minister Trudeau says that Canada will not support Donald Trump’s bid to have Russia reinstated in the group, and is considering boycotting the meeting as well. Other world leaders have publicly and privately condemned the US government’s response to the peaceful protests over George Floyd’s murder and the themes of racism and police brutality that characterize life in the USA. Over a year ago, Canada issued a travel alert advising its citizens to avoid exchanges with US policemen and to take caution when traveling south of the Canada/US border. This came even before the unfolding turmoil over George Floyd’s murder.

This doesn’t mean that foreign governments will impose sanctions on, or even censure, a rogue American administration. They will simply distance themselves for their own selfish political and economic ends, much the same way that America abandoned democracy in Spain in 1936. When the smoke clears after the protests and the real misery begins, nobody will step forward to save Americans from the consequences of their own bad decisions, as the Allies eventually did with Germany and Italy. Take note that after crushing Nazism and Fascism in the rest of Europe, the Allies declined to rescue the Spanish people who faced over 40 years of oppression until the dictator’s death and a subsequent transition to democracy in 1976. The ugliness and adverse social impact of totalitarianism are still felt in Spanish society, even today. The scars run deep.

Europeans have the concept of ‘collaborator’ seared into their memories. Like most of us, there are those who simply go with the flow, aligning their political stance with whatever party platform they believe will serve their economic interests or represent their personal values or religious beliefs. These are the garden variety collaborators, the ones who accept but without actually aiding or abetting.

Then there are the ideological collaborators. These are the truly dangerous types, and there are millions and millions amongst us, what the German-Jewish philosopher and journalist Hanna Arndt described as perfectly normal people engaging in horrific acts of violence and abuse against their fellows. It was Arndt who coined the term “the banality of evil.”

‘Collaborator’ in the political context almost always refers to one who supports or enables an oppressive regime, as many Frenchmen did during the Nazi occupation. Following the liberation of France, there was a bloody settling of accounts wherein some 3,000 citizens were summarily executed, some by slow hanging, a particularly cruel form of retribution intended to emphasize society’s abhorrence at the accused’s alleged crimes. Many thousands more collaborators were similarly disposed of throughout the liberated countries of Europe during the late 1940’s.

Who were these individuals and how were they different from Americans today? Well, they weren’t different at all.

Many of those ideological collaborators who supported or enabled Fascist dictatorships of the past, and continue to do so around the globe even today, are large property holders, aristocrats, business leaders, the CEOs of major corporations, invested politicians and religious leaders; in other words, people who perceive themselves to be part of a ruling class. Call them the ’Establishment.’ Call them the 'One Percent.' Ideological collaborators include the militarized police and politicized military that is becoming emblematic of the Trump Administration and openly complicit in the oppression of African-Americans. They include folks like Senator Tom Cotton who, thanks to his incitement of the US military to commit war crimes against his own countrymen, may one day find himself in the dock at The Hague.

Oddly, their polar opposites in society rally under the same banner: Trump’s maliciously ignorant MAGAt ‘base’ – that is, roughly half the American electorate – put a madman in the White House in 2016 and a corrupt Electoral College handed him power in defiance of a popular vote favouring a rival candidate. This segment of America includes millions of social deviants ready and willing to sign on with Lucifer himself if it meant an opportunity to loot a TV from their local Target. It includes a healthy percentage of xenophobes, racists, Neo-Nazis and Klansmen. It includes those who live, breath, and feed on hatred and unrest. These are the folks we need legitimate policing to protect us against, the ones who would not have made successful lives for themselves no matter what political party was in power. They are key collaborators with the Trump Administration in the murder and mayhem we are witnessing on our televisions and via Twitter feeds. If you think the answer is November 3, then you didn’t pay attention to the news. There won’t be a November 3 election.

And where are those heroic Democrats while our idealistic younger citizens march in the streets, our courageous journalists are being clubbed and teargassed, and our way of life hijacked by an Army general intent on doing Generalissimo Franco one better by enabling a coup-d’état in this technologically advanced and economically powerful nation of 350 million? But, really. Where are they? Have they found Harry Potter's invisibility cloak?

Well, Nancy Pelosi is eating ice cream while her offspring hobnob around Mar-a-Lago ( Joe Biden insists on a return to the ‘Good Ole Days.’ Nobody has any better strategy than to point fingers at a wannabe dictator who in return points guns back at them. Yes, they’re afraid. Just as afraid as you and I. They might have enforced all those snubbed subpoenas back in 2019 as the impeachment inquiry spiralled into a pitiful shambles that further emboldened a gangster President and his entourage of psychos and political retreads. Had they done so, the country might have avoided most of the 160,000 deaths attributed to Covid-19. But they didn’t.

They didn’t because they are all cut from the same cloth. As pointed out by President Obama, there is no actual difference between Democrats and Republicans in this centrist system wherein the two parties simply pass the baton back and forth from election to election. The only thing that matters is which of the red and blue pigs get to the trough first to vacuum up all the slops. If the personal interests of Democratic Party politicians can align with those of their Republican colleagues in the new dictatorship that will be America, then that’s the stance these ideological collaborators will take. They will bleat that any other course would be too divisive for the nation, seeking refuge in jingoism and the usual distorted White man’s history of America. Just check out the net worth of your local Representative or Senator if you think this isn’t so.

The dismantling of the American democracy has been a long time coming, at least since Dwight D. Eisenhower left office. America is rapidly descending into an ‘Ayn Rand’ version of society in which those with power and money prosper while those without money don’t. The alternative isn’t socialism folks. Socialism is what Canadians and Europeans enjoy today, and it’s a perspective from which other economically powerful nations are laughing at the USA.

America is struggling in the throes of a game changer. Unless its few remaining right-thinking (as opposed to thinking on the Right) leaders act NOW to remove this madman from the White House by whatever means necessary, it will soon be too late to quell the tide of civil unrest or avoid rebellion among the politicized military and militarized police forces already unleashed in our streets. Blurring the issues with a flurry of word salad about healthcare and saving the environment, and angling for the next election, as Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden have been doing in the last 24 hours, isn't exactly apropos when your parents have just died of Covid-19 and were dumped into a mass grave, your loved ones are being murdered by police, your business is burning, and your system of government is being hijacked.

They need to actually DO something, Today wouldn’t be too soon. Tomorrow will be much too late.

Forty plus years of totalitarianism in Spain took a huge toll on its people. Are you up for it?

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