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Saturday, November 14, 2020

This is the day that somebody could die. In just a few hours, we’ll have the victims' names and, heaven help us, the numbers.

At the time of writing, this Trump-inspired gong show has only just begun but thousands of armed and angry people are already pouring into America’s capital of Washington DC, intent on taking back what they insist was a stolen election. It’s the Million MAGA March. But let’s call it what it is: a Million Maggots Marching.

Now just imagine the potent nightmare of 70 million actual maggots swarming over your own rotting corpse. And that’s exactly what’s happening. The country is decomposing from within and has been for a very long time. The America we once knew is decayed, dead. What we shall see in the coming days is the very antithesis of democracy: a loud and persistent chant from 70 million misled, lied to, extorted, and thoroughly bamboozled citizens calling for an end to the democratic process and the institution of a Fascist dictatorship.

Americans are no longer reticent or even the least ashamed of the fact that theirs is a society predicated on racism, bigotry and greed wherein manhood/woman-hood is validated through violence, where ignorance takes precedence over education, and where so-called ‘freedom’ simply means the privilege to live a meaningless existence at the pleasure of a billionaire ruling class. That’s right. People are taking to the streets, willing to kill and be killed for that very premise.

Sure, they’re angry, unhappy about their miserable lives, their meaningless jobs that don’t offer a living wage, their credit card debts and mortgages and exploitation by irresponsible landlords, their student loans, their divorces, their impotence, frigidity and sexual violations, their miserable ‘incel’ identities, their abortions, their fibromyalgia, their alcoholism and drug addiction, their psychopathology, their bankruptcy, their suicidal thoughts; and their urges to shoot up the nearest kindergarten class.

They’re enraged and lashing out. They feel betrayed and powerless.

Not everyone, though. It’s mostly White people. In fact, it’s entirely White people. America is for Whites. They didn’t call it the White House in celebration of its exterior latex paint job.

November 3 was the litmus test that proved just how acidic and corrosive our society really is. Half the people of this very large nation don’t want equality, or justice, or a better life. Products of a substandard education system (26th in the world) that failed to teach science or critical thinking skills, but emphasized devotion to a money-grubbing version of a largely uncaring God, the celebration of war and a militarist mentality, and a fawning national cult of the leader, what remains of America’s intelligent, right-thinking citizenry is now confronted with 70 million dangerous in-your-face automatons. Even Adolph Hitler could not have hoped for a better field in which to mobilize discontent and sow hatred.

So, let’s see just who today’s stars and starlets are going to be, what’s the lineup. You’ll be seeing their names on your Twitter and Facebook feeds and in the nightly news in the next hours, days and weeks. The Fox Network will cheer them on, then launch into exculpatory diatribes that desperately attempt to fabricate heroes out of these villainous cowards and losers. Today's episode is called the ‘Million MAGA March,’ the ‘Stop the Steal,’ the ‘March for Trump’; but make no mistake: it's just another excuse for a punch-up. And it’s all about Donald J. Trump.

Donald, you own this. So, here’s a brief lineup:

Ad Hoc Militias

I say ‘ad hoc’ because none of these loosely organized bands' existence is mandated in law or even tradition. Legitimate law enforcement permits them to exist because American law enforcement agencies are largely made up of racists and bigots, many of whom are participants in the ad hoc militia movement themselves. In reality, they are nothing but armed gangs with dubious political goals. Their members have been variously described as incels (involuntary celebates) and trashy female malcontents guaranteed to fuck on the first date. Personally, I take them seriously. They have guns and, like their esteemed compatriot, 17-y.o. Kyle Rittenhouse, are quite eager to kill you.

Boogaloo Bois. That's 'boys' misspelled. But where are the Boogaloo Gurls? Apparently, there are none. You'd think these clowns were out to make a fashion statement with their signature Hawaiian shirts while everything else about them is repulsive. Since 2019, at least 31 people affiliated with the boogaloo movement have been charged with crimes, including the killings of two security and law enforcement officers, a plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, and incidents related to the George Floyd protests. In the event that one or more of these bois wants to boogaloo your daughter (or your son), first take a good look at their mugshots. Then lock your offspring in the root cellar.

Seriously, now. According to The Guardian, "[Boogaloo] supporters see the current federal government as illegitimate, while remaining deeply patriotic. They revere the constitution and see themselves as the true descendants of America's founding fathers. In their view, current US lawmakers are the equivalent of occupying British forces during the revolutionary war. Among the 'boogaloo' merchandise for sale online are images of George Washington armed with a modern, AR-15 style rifle."

George Washington? America's first President and a notorious slaveholder. For a brief discussion on how George and his wife, Martha, and even Melania Trump, figure into this equation, please see Well, historically the ugly pieces all fit quite nicely. Except the Hawaiian shirt thing.

Boogaloo Bois plotted to kidnap the Michigan state governor, Gretchen Whitmer, after Donald Trump insulted and name-called her in social media, in his usual obtuse way signalling his 'base' to action; all because the governor advised her constituents to wear masks and take measures against the spread of Covid-19, and to ignore the flood of misinformation and vitriol spewing from the White House. Nothing like tearing a page straight from the Adolph Hitler playbook.

Oath Keepers. The so-called Oath Keepers, whose motto is ‘Not-On-Our-Watch’, have nothing to do with actual oath-keeping. Its membership is far-right, anti-government (but pro-Trump), and comprises current and former military and police who pledge to fulfill the oath that all military and police take in order to ‘defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.’ In fact, they represent the exact opposite, unless one takes into account the historically accurate fact that the Constitution itself is the masterwork of slaveholders and that the freedom and justice mentioned in the Federal Papers that spawned and defined the Constitution apply only to White people. The Oath Keepers are a White Supremacist hate group. To see where the prototypical ‘protect and defend’ oath has led the world during the previous century, please see

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) describes the Oath Keepers as "heavily armed extremists with a conspiratorial and anti-government mindset looking for potential showdowns with the government." The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) lists the group's founder, Elmer Stewart Rhodes, as a known extremist and describes his efforts to create localized militia units as "frightening.”

At the time of Donald J. Trump’s election in 2016, the Oath Keepers boasted 35,000 well-armed members. At a July 2020 meeting of the Veterans of Foreign Wars in Rutherford County, Tennessee, Rhodes declared that Antifa and other protesters "are insurrectionists, and we have to suppress that insurrection" and that "eventually they're going to be using IEDs (improvised explosive devices) and consequently us old vets and younger ones are going to end up having to kill these young kids and they're going to die believing they were fighting Nazis.

Regarding today’s march on Washington, Rhodes says that his group is prepared for a “Benghazi-style assault on the White House by communist terrorists, in conjunction with stand-down orders by traitor generals.” As Donald Trump advised Rhodes and others during his pre-election televised debate with Joe Biden, “Stand down and stand-by.”

Three Percenters. ‘The Three Percenters – Original’ website emphatically states that they are NOT racists or White Supremacists; however, everything about the group shouts the opposite.

The group's name derives from the unsubstantiated claim that only three percent of American colonists took up arms against the British during the colonial period, as if that mattered. Nobody has yet told these retards that 1% of today’s population controls 42 percent of the country’s wealth and in the USA the only thing that counts is money (as it did in the colonial period). They also claim NOT to be anti-government. What they mean is pro-Trump.

While Steve Zuckerberg refused to restrict Steve Bannon’s Facebook account when he called for the beheading of Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Trump-loving Zuckerberg did ban the Three Percenters from his site. Gee..I wonder why? Are they so unappetizing that even the loathsome Zuckerberg fears them? Anyway, they’re coming to Washington today.

The Groyper Army. The Groypers are a loose grouping of white nationalist and far-right activists, provocateurs, and internet trolls (Wikipedia). According to Groyper leader and spokesperson Nick Fuentes, there is a necessity for White people to have a homeland and for White people to have a country. Patrick Casey, leader of the United States neo-Nazi group ‘American Identity Movement’ is also considered to be a Groypers leader. Michelle Malkin, a conservative blogger and political commentator, refers to herself as the "mommy" of the Groyper movement. So, there you have it: Family Values.

The Groypers urge conservatives (read Republicans) to be racist and anti-Semitic. I guess that puts the kibosh on Jared Kushner’s aspirations. We were so sure he’d be the Republican candidate for the White House on the 2024 ballot.

Fuentes has invited his Holocaust-denying friends to join him today for ‘MAGA Night at the White House.’ Perhaps The Donald will treat his guests to McDonalds (again).

Proud Boys. These kids have been getting a lot of undeserved airtime lately. More in-your-face than their fellow White Supremacists, the Proud Boys are a Neo-Fascist, male only organization that promotes and engages in political violence, your prototypical schoolyard bully writ large. U.S. government intelligence agencies call them a “dangerous White Supremacist group.” Well, what do the NSA and CIA and FBI know, anyway? Not even President Trump listens to their gibberish.

Nonetheless, the Proud Boys Manifesto claims: “We disavow Nazis and don’t want them at our meet-ups. We disavow racists and don’t want them at our meet-ups. We allow weak, beta male virgins to join because our fraternity is about helping men improve their lives and that includes all men.”

The fact is, these neo-Fascist incels (involuntarily celebate) are terrified of what they call the ‘feminization’ of western culture. According to the Anti-Defamation League, “The Proud Boys represent an unconventional strain of American right-wing extremism. While the group can be described as violent, nationalistic, Islamophobic, transphobic and misogynistic, its members represent a range of ethnic backgrounds (e.g., a few token Blacks), and its leaders vehemently protest any allegations of racism.” So when is a White Supremacist not a White Supremacist? Answer: when a concentration camp stops being a concentration camp (

According to their bylaws, Proud Boys are allowed to masturbate only once every thirty days, within one yard of a woman, but only with her consent. One thing is for sure: their mothers wouldn’t be proud of them.

Proud Boys claim there are 10 ways to save America. These include abolishing prisons, legalizing drugs, and giving everyone a gun. To be quite honest, I could get onboard with the first two. But giving everyone a gun is exactly why America is in such a dire situation..

The Police

American cops? The pictures say everything anyone needs to know about them. While the ad hoc militias bullied and beat their adversaries in the streets of DC this weekend, the police did absolutely nothing. So far, nobody had been shot and killed with either live rounds from the Trumpsters or a variety of 'soft' weaponry from the police. It was as if the police with there to protect their accomplices in public intimidation and crime. Yeah, heading out to a street fracas then shooting anonymous somebodies with an AR-15 is still a crime in most folk's minds.

I could go on, but there’s little point. The number and variety of these ad hoc militias are multiplying faster than a crop of bad weeds. And it isn’t any more reassuring that an equal number of malcontents and wingnuts from the other extreme of the American political spectrum will be assembling to confront them today. If you think Charlottesville 2017 was an unpleasant episode, then brace yourself for Washington 2020. As they did at Charlottesville, police will “stand down and standby.” And watch people die. President Trump will insist that there were "good people on both sides." And America will come out no better, but a lot worse for the experience.

As I proposed in another blog posting (, the recent Biden-Harris win is nothing to celebrate. The outcome of today’s Million Maggot March shouldn’t surprise President-elect Biden any more than the shots fired at Fort Sumpter in 1861 surprised President Lincoln.

And as for Alternate-President Trump, well, it’s all about a stolen election, right? And you can bet there won’t be a mask in sight. Maybe that’s a good thing. Coronavirus doesn’t discriminate between Whites and Blacks, neo-Nazis and Jews, Dems and GOP.

America is a looney bin. But what I really do wish, is that my late Dad and a few of his Antifa buddies could be there to greet these neo-Nazi clowns and kick their sorry asses from here to Sunday.

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