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Readers of this blog know that I’m outspoken and brash. They also know that I sometimes put my mouth into gear before engaging my brain. So, Gentle Readers and Twitter Trolls, feel free to unleash a shit-storm of abuse for saying what we all know to be true: that we often lie to earn attention, money, and – yes, SEX.

Here’s the premise. The #MeToo movement will go down in history as having singlehandedly negated the hard-won acknowledgement of women's dignity and women’s causes since Eleanor Roosevelt graced the White House. Let me remind everyone that we now have a porn star as First Lady, and half America's women voters put her there. How advanced is that?

Half the women in America put an unknown Slovakian wannabe fashion model (substantiated) and alleged call girl (unsubstantiated) in the White House. Has Melania Knaus graced the cover of Vanity Fair or any other major magazine except GQ? No. But I wouldn’t blame the #MeToo movement for that omission. Instead, I’ll credit the good taste of editors and publishers.

While the core principles and mission of the #MeToo movement are long overdue, the last thing America needs is more witch hunts.

The more pressing problem is how to get Melania and her despicable husband Donald out of the White House. Digging into one's psyche to unearth hitherto repressed memories of sexual abuse then levelling said claims against a 2020 presidential candidate, or indeed anyone, for personal gain, isn’t exactly praiseworthy by most folk’s standards. But hey, these are special times, right?

Halfway into his first term as President, twenty-three women had accused Trump of sexual misconduct, but then, that’s a relatively small number given the man’s wealth and the massive number of gold diggers lusting after it. ‘Grab-Em-By-The-Pussy’ Donald didn’t need to lie this time. American voters knew all about this sexual predator long before the 2016 election. And they didn’t care.

So why all the fuss about Tara Reade’s allegations against Joe Biden? Even if there were a single shred of evidence in Reade’s favour, would it even matter? Well, it does. Because Joe Biden is the only candidate who scares the shit out of Donald J. Trump.

nd according to #MeToo, it would matter, but for the wrong reasons. #MeToo is about believing in women, not about truth and justice. Its proponents thirst after justice, which in a just society is laudable, but most don’t give a rat’s ass about truth. To make THEIR omelette, they are quite willing to break, not just a few, but ALL the eggs, then leave it to others to clean up the kitchen. Kirsten Gillibrand's role in Al Franken's persecution effectively ended her aspirations for the Presidency. Gillibrand could have challenged Trump in 2020 and won. But instead she chose to close ranks with the #MeToo movement at any cost, a great loss for both America and herself.

Nice try, @cattinks. But that’s Zoe Baird, President Clinton’s nomination for AG, not Tara Reade. Please get your 'alternate facts' straight before inviting friends to a hanging. Same advice goes out to @prettyjanice888 and the hundreds of other trolls who retweeted this Fake News.

My advice to aspiring politicians, or indeed anyone, is to query your insurance broker about taking out a #MeToo protection policy. That is, unless you’ve spent your entire previous existence at a remote monastery in the Himalayas or in solitary confinement at Riker’s Island. These rootless fanatics in search of a cause level charges of sexual harassment as casually as if they were tossing away peanut shells at a Trump rally. Witness how the #MeToo witch hunt destroyed Senator Al Franken. And there will be other innocent victims to come. When you cheer Kamala Harris as Joe Biden’s prospective VP in November, remember that she championed the ouster of Franken from the Senate and denied him a hearing. Curiously, it was a crusading woman reporter who cleared Franken’s name after the #MeToo movement destroyed his career and his health. Franken's own 'Tara Reade' went down in history as a liar and a fake. But then, the damage was already done.

nd it's not just the #MeToo mutants who have betrayed the core values of the movement but a dark alliance, including some feminists and their male enablers, of those who would achieve their selfish and poorly thought-out goals by any means. Like I said, we lie to obtain attention, money, sex and, of course, power:

If you want to see Al Franken's demise repeated with Joe Biden, who is arguably the only challenger capable of unseating the Trump Gang, then brace yourselves for four more years of the current shit show in Washington. Prepare for a President-For-Life. Just when the American soap opera seems it can’t get any more unpalatable, it will. Then absolutely no one will be safe from abuse.

Freedom of speech doesn’t necessarily include the right to engage in character assassination, despite POTUS45’s rather poor example, and while it may look like a duck, walk like a duck, and quack like a duck, we’d better have DNA before accusing others – both men and women – of sex crimes. One’s imagined sexual escapades and repressed dream images don’t count as evidence. Because somebody paid someone to level sexual harassment or rape charges doesn’t make it right. Money isn’t everything, despite what Donald and his miscreant offspring are insisting.

Like almost everything in America these days, Tara Reade’s story is smelling worse each day. Women reporters - most of whom have so far proven respectful both of Reade and Biden - have pounced on the allegation as if there were no other newsworthy items when over 110,000 of their readers have perished of Covid-19 in under 12 weeks. But most have been stymied by the fact that chameleon-like Reade changes her story and its protective colouring like the day's flavour of lipstick. The fact that she lifted her description of the alleged Biden assault almost entirely from a novel written by her late father doesn’t help her credibility. Nonetheless, millions of American women will rush to line up, rank and file, behind her, those same women (are women ever the same?) who put a porn star in the White House. (See

ineteen thousand three hundred Twitterites agree with @FordJohnathan5. If a movement wants to discredit itself, this is a fine way to do it.

This is the trouble with America. By 2016, it had totally lost its moral compass. It no longer distinguishes love from sex and sex from money. Maybe that’s too much to ask from a society predicated on racism, bigotry and greed.

As Greg Nash put things in a recent MSN article (Joe Biden: A candidate with no campaign), Biden has no platform. He doesn’t inspire hope, unless it’s the kind of hope born of a desperate need to wrestle control of the government away from a cabal of real estate grifters and gangsters. Biden seductively promises a return to the past, like your grandmother reminisced about the Good Ole Days that even she would admit weren’t all that good. Unlike Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, Biden has no ‘plan.’

If we were to be honest with ourselves and resist the urge to take refuge in denial, we must acknowledge that Joe Biden facilitated his son Hunter's shenanigans and unearned financial gains in Ukraine and China and therefore has little ethical or moral authority to point fingers at Donald Trump for doing what is essentially the same thing or for calling Biden out. This is a bad reflection on Biden Senior's character and performance as a former VP. Expect more of the same after he's inaugurated POTUS46.

Biden acted as Barak Obama's VP but it was arguably Hilary Clinton who stole the show with her performance as Secretary of State. Biden struggles to step forward and show some actual leadership during the Covid-19 crisis, but only succeeds in taking potshots at the President's lack of leadership. Criticizing a rival for non-performance isn't the same as showing leadership. Stand Biden alongside Andrew Cuomo and you get the picture.

Joe Biden's strength lies in his ability to navigate the halls of power, what I would label 'survivability' rather than leadership. For decades, he has maintained warm and fuzzy working relationships with the most difficult - and I'll add, despicable - of Republican legislators. His cordiality and ability to work closely alongside the late South Carolina Senator Strom Thurmond is a case in point. During Thurmond's tenure as a judge in his home state, he once condemned a women to death. Then he offered the same condemned woman a ride back to the prison in his chauffeured car. He raped her in the back seat. If you didn't already know that Washington is a swamp, well, I'm letting you in on the secret. This is the kind of company that Joe Biden and other conscientious legislators are forced to keep. But that doesn't make Biden himself a sexual predator.

oe Biden might have ruffled a few hairdos or bumped some women’s elbows along the campaign trail, but hey, let me give you the news: there are some real sexual predators out there and one doesn’t need binoculars or night-vision goggles to spot them. The House and Senate are filled with them. But Joe Biden isn’t one.

As far as sexual escapades within the dark halls of Congress go, there's plenty of flirtation, never mind hot sex going on there. This is normal anywhere healthy men and women congregate to work or play. Women demand this kind of attention from men, both their superiors and their underlings in the workplace. That's how we are made. It's in our DNA.

xperts predict that fully 10% of the human population is psychopathic, that is, they lack the ability to empathize with others and therefore feel justified in achieving their person goals, their wants and needs, at any cost. Most of these individuals function quite successfully behind the mask, a disguise they only abandon when feeling safe, wreaking pain and suffering on their loved ones or persons indentured to them by unequal relationships of power - women students forced to provide sexual favours to their professors if they want to graduate, wives locked inside abusive marriages, children - while relatively few 'Ted Bundy' types enjoy their 15 minutes of fame in the public eye. Tara Reade is one of those.

Unless she were in the pay of the Trumps, I can’t imagine any woman attempting to take down Joe Biden with accusations of sexual misconduct. What would be the point? Right-thinking Americans are so desperate they’d endorse Lucifer himself if there were the remotest chance he might unseat Trump in November.

My advice to "Slow" Joe?

Personally, I never go anywhere (especially not pick-up bars) without a blank sexual consent form specially drafted by my attorney. The document outlines in rather lurid detail what the party of the first may do to the party of the second and sets a specific window in time for said consensual sex acts. It holds the signatories blameless for a period of not less than 150 years after which time either party is free to bring charges in a court of law against the other. Unless somebody discovers the Fountain of Youth hidden somewhere in the Florida swamplands (as Ponce de Leon once premised), I’m very unlikely to become the target of a Tara Reade. Of course, the form needs to be endorsed by two eyewitnesses who confirm after the fact that said mutually agreed sexual activity did indeed occur. Download your copy from

Like they used to say about the American Express Card, “Never Leave Home Without It.”

And I’m not even running for President.

If you want to know more about sexual consent forms, see:

Further reading on the implications of the Tara Reade allegations on the upcoming election:

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