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Readers of this blog already know that I’m supportive of the Black Lives Matter movement, at least in principle. I’m not in the streets hoisting a placard, with gas mask and goggles, confronting wannabe dictator Trump’s faceless hired thugs, contesting for basic civil rights already guaranteed by the Constitution for the past 200+ years but ignored by the power elite who actually run this country.

I’m too old and fat for that. But is anyone ever too old to stand up for what’s decent and right in society?

Well, no. But each in his/her own way. My name has already graced the FBI’s wanted list. I paid my dues in the anti-Vietnam War movement of the 1960’s, in more ways than can be described in any blog. The experience of confronting the American establishment reshaped my entire view on life by challenging everything – the lies and alternate facts – I’d learned in school about American history and the American Way. By the time the Vietnam War came to its ignominious conclusion in the mid-70’s, and a disgraced President with more than a little blood on his hands was exonerated by his successor, I’d already decided that no one individual, or even group of individuals, was going to change a society predicated on racism, bigotry and greed. The fundamentals were all wrong, right from the get-go.

It isn’t that Black lives don’t matter. It’s that in America no lives matter. America is a monster that eats its own young. An animal that sucks its own dick. I think it was Kurt Vonnegut who said: “Nobody ever went broke by overestimating the vulgarity of the American people.” Well, if Kurt didn’t say it, then I’m saying it now.

In 2016, 47% of American women voted for a professed racist and sexual predator. It’s not as if Donald J. Trump were an unknown quantity. The viewing public had already endured 14 seasons of a sleazy reality TV show that revealed all one needed to know about the future President, every last sordid detail. Obviously, American mothers thought that ‘Grab-em-by-the-pussy’ Donald would make an excellent role model for their sons, not to mention his porn star wife, that is, if they wished their daughters to become gold-digging putas ( American teen boys already knew what to do with her naked photos. They’re still available in the magazine section of almost every local library. Like I said, a monster that eats its young and sucks its own dick.

So, is it any wonder that the White House doesn’t doesn’t get onboard with Black Lives Matter when, in practice, No Lives Matter? How can 170,000 (and rising) lives lost to a non-response to a global pandemic signify that any lives matter in the USA? So, I’ll repeat what we all know in our hearts: the only thing that matters in America is money. Because money is power.

Black lives have always mattered in America. They mattered as a chattel on which to capitalize, speculate and issue mortgages. No wonder that lies and innuendo spewing daily from the White House don’t raise any hairs on White folks’ necks or inspire indignity and action by its mostly-White members of Congress. America’s entire history is one big lie.

As explained in a previous blog posting (, the United States is not, and never was, the country of the American Revolutionary mythos. The war that led to the Declaration of Independence of 1776 and the Thirteen Colonies’ split from Britain in 1783 was not a war for the rights of man, and the former colonists enjoyed no more rights and freedoms after separation than did Britain, Canada (then still a colony of Britain) or many other sovereign nations, and sometimes fewer. The Constitution’s chief author and advocate, Thomas Jefferson, was himself a slave holder and his ‘oeuvre majeure’ firmly entrenched slavery and its repercussions in American life for the next two centuries.

By the 1860's, there was more capital locked up in mortgages on human collateral, e.g., the approximately 4 million slaves out of a total population of only 31 million, than there was value in all the real estate and industrial holdings of the entire nation both North and South. The banks and private investors, both domestic and foreign, gleaned enormous profits from human misery at the same time that the American army implemented a government endorsed campaign of genocide against native peoples to free up more land to expand the slave-based economy after the invention of the cotton gin in the 1830s, causing a scramble amongst slave owners to expand their operations – the unique and still-current American obsession with uncontrolled economic growth.

The Civil War did not end slavery with participation in society open to all. Instead, it simply redrew the ground rules by ushering in the Jim Crow era. A hundred years later, descendants of former slaves still could not vote or participate in mainstream American society in any significant way, because the Civil War was not about ending slavery. It was about maintaining an economic union wherein the supply of slave-produced raw materials was guaranteed to non-slave-state manufacturers. Right up until the final shot was fired, Northern sheriffs were returning runaway slaves to their owners on the opposite site of the battle lines.

Today, right thinking Americans are struggling with the grim reality that the basic mandate of its police forces, both local and state, as well as federal law enforcement agencies, is the same as that of anti-bellum Northern sheriffs: to keep Blacks in their place. The statistics bear this out. I won’t go into the numbers that are readily available on the internet, and Black citizens don’t need statistics to point up their own reality. But that’s not the end of it.

Like I said, in America, No Lives Matter. Only money matters.

If you don’t believe this, then ask the Koch organization and its princeling-in-waiting Jared Kushner. As absurd as this sounds, Kushner is headed toward the Presidency, whether elected or appointed after the November coup that confirms Donald J. Trump as President-For-Life (see No lives matter because those who control the power bases in America despise folks like you and me, the majority of the nation’s citizens who do all the work and pay all the taxes. They hate us because our very existence proves what they’ve never stopped proclaiming, that in America the cream always rises to the top while the whey goes for pig feed.

Those occupying the power bases in America want to keep you ignorant. Just ask Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, Erik Prince’s (of Blackwater fame) sister and benefiary of untold riches generated by Amway, the great Ponzi Scheme that, because of its enormous contributions to the GOP, has so far escaped indictment. Why? Because Betsy and her class of string-pullers and financial scammers read Ayn Rand and we didn’t. Hell, given the low quality of education in America, we’re simply not a nation of readers. And that‘s perfectly okay with them.

So, who is Ayn Rand, anyway?

Rand was a Russian-American writer and philosopher. She is best known for her two blockbuster novels, The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged, and for developing and promoting a philosophical system she called Objectivism. Rand advocated reason as the only means of acquiring knowledge and rejected faith and religion. She supported Trump-style ‘rational egotism‘ and rejected altruism (doing good for its own sake). In politics, she condemned the initiation of force (but not the use of force per se) as immoral and opposed collectivism and statism as well as anarchism, instead supporting laissez-faire capitalism, essentially meaning that free markets determine everything. This is what attracted Charles and David Koch, a couple of the world’s richest individuals to fund the many institutes and think-tanks that espouse Rand’s point of view and objectives for American society. Everything that has led up to the ascendancy of Donald J. Trump and his despicable family to the Presidency, and will result in the erasure of democracy and traditional American ideals altogether, can be attributed to the Koch family’s obsession with Objectivism as defined by Rand.

What Rand is all about, in a nutshell, is a uniquely unsympathetic vision of a future USA wherein all the power bases are controlled by those with inherited or acquired wealth while the majority of its citizens struggle for subsistence, their very survival dependant on scraps thrown to them by their betters, denied education or the benefit of any social safety net; a compassionless, uncaring society in which only the strong survive. They hail it as prosperity predicated on libertarianism and free markets which it certainly represents for some, but not all. Every tax bill enacted by Congress during the past 4 years has underscored this basic objective: to lower the burden on the already wealthy to the point where they no longer pay for the cost of government. Every education bill has reduced the quality of public education while enhancing private education, again to benefit the wealthy. The rich get richer while the poor get poorer and correspondingly more ignorant, further underscoring the fact that those who govern us despise us. Children of the rich get educated and go to Washington to replace their parents’ generation in Congress and the White House. The rest of us go to our manufacturing and service jobs, drown our frustrations in drugs and alcohol, and flock to the churches – the elites’ partners in crime – for solace and answers.

If American parents and their school boards had taken education seriously and demanded drinking fountains and lunch programs and quality teaching in their schools instead of policemen and armoured personnel carriers, the country could have produced a populace with some thinking skills. But it didn’t. So, make no mistake: public education will soon disappear altogether. An abbreviated system of training will condition an indentured class doomed to shoulder the burden of manufacturing and essential services. Only children of the super-rich will rise to prominence and power in this altered reality, ensuring the continued dominance of the predator class now characterized by Donald J. Trump and his miscreant offspring. Jared Kushner will rise to the Presidency. Great swathes of the country will rival the favelas of Rio de Janeiro and the slums of Mumbai. And it will all have come about by design.

I don’t pretend to know how to turn this juggernaut around, if that’s still possible. I suspect it’s not. America’s is essentially a single-party system wherein 2 squads from the very same team (Democrats and Republicans) simply toss the ball back and forth from election to election. One squad, usually the Dems, may enact long overdue civil rights or healthcare legislation, bringing the country up to date. Yet, with the next election, their incoming colleagues do little or nothing to repeal the changes, a well rehearsed pas-de-deaux. It’s the same with war mongering. Both political entities know that foreign adventuring and war for profit is good for the American economy. Republicans send out the troops but Democrats never bring them home. It’s merely a matter of how they arrange the menu before serving up the banquet of blood to their constituents then hitting them with the check.

If you think that a vote for Joe Biden is going to fundamentally change the system, then go ahead and cast your ballot. Nothing can be worse than the direction in which the country is now headed. But a Biden-led government won’t change anything. It will only put a more sympathetic face on the monster that eats its own children and sucks its own dick.

Americans have, over many generations, created this monster. Some have likened Donald Trump to Adolph Hitler, but that’s a false analogy. Trump is not Hitler. He’s Charles Manson ( But Trump is merely the tool of the Koch organization that has finally attained Ayn Rand’s vision of an uncaring society predicated on power and money, a society wherein NO LIVES MATTER.

What’s that you say? The world has always been about power and money? Well, in that case, the USA already has the government it deserves. November 3 or no November 3, nothing matters because NO LIVES MATTER.

Download free reading material from my website at The Covid-19 pandemic is still raging (despite what the White House tells you). Get that mask on your face. Stay home, stay safe. And READ, READ, READ.

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