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Shit Show 2024

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Image by 11082974 from Pixabay

The death of truth

America is in real trouble. Ramping up for another Presidential election in late 2024, the country has totally lost its moral compass. We no longer distinguish peace from war, poverty from prosperity, love from sex, sex from money, or truth from lies.

"If we don't stand for the truth, we fall for the lies." - Liz Collin, The Fall of Minneapolis

Maybe standing for the truth is too much to ask from a society predicated on racism, bigotry and greed. Just sayin'.


Incumbent President Biden's entire reelection platform is premised on undeliverable promises of economic prosperity cut from whole cloth. The homeless ranks are growing exponentially - with a concurrent increase in drug abuse and associated crime - while our youngest citizens have abandoned any hope of ever owning their own homes. Millions struggle to pay out-of-control rent increases to billionaire landlords and real estate-holding megacorporations. They struggle to put food in their children's mouths. If one wants to see the real face of America, then just take a road trip outside the major metropolitan centres and especially into the deep South. Here is where "Make America Great Again" finds its audience.

Despite what Instagram and TikTok tell kids, America belongs to the dispossessed. With a population of some 330 million, the country can't find better presidential candidates than semi-lucid Joe Biden (age 81) and morally compromised Donald Trump (age 77). What the kids have learned, if nothing else, is that in America there is no correlation between age and wisdom.

More guns, less peace

World peace? Domestic peace? Fuggedaboudit. Heck, nobody even talks about that anymore.

Biden doesn’t inspire hope, unless it’s the kind of hope born of a desperate need to retain control of a government menaced by the usual cabal of real estate grifters and gangsters. He stubbornly clings to his old promise of a return to a Norman Rockwell past, like your grandmother reminisced about the Good Ole Days that even she admitted weren’t all that good.

What little plan he has involves ballooning military and police budgets and, of course, printing more $$ to fund the shit show. Billions more for Ukraine. More arms for Israel. More military hardware to prop up unpopular regimes in Central America and CIA-style regime change elsewhere around the globe. His biggest friends are CEOs of the weapons industry.

Out of the recent $858 billion bill authorized by Congress for the Pentagon, private companies receive a staggering $450 billion. According to OpenSecrets, 430 members on both sides of the floor who cast votes on the bill received $14.5 million in campaign and PAC contributions from the arms industry from 2021 through October 2022, the transition period from Trump's to Biden's administration.

Domestic gun control? More thoughts and prayers. Those are free.

The death of education

Worse is the assault on reason perpetrated by the Democratic Party itself and its mindless adherents on the Left. The woke agenda has the few adults left in the room scratching their follicle-challenged heads because nobody under the age of 30, and few beyond that threshold, are capable of rational thought anymore. How do I know this? Just look around.

Donors are withdrawing their financial support for America's major educational institutions, including Harvard and other Ivy League venues that are no longer temples of knowledge but political witches' caldrons wherein academics' time is squandered in arguing what gender pronoun to call one another. Our schools and colleges don't teach children to think, to be critical and analytical, or capable of decision-making. This is America's future voter base, masses of woke idiots marching in lockstep.

Instead of a so-called liberal education, our universities, colleges, and schools create mindless clones addicted of the politically correct. Students forgo quantum physics, American literature, and world history to pursue degrees in gender studies, intersectional feminism, and Critical Race Theory. Nobody on campus recognizes the name Tolstoy, but everyone knows who George Floyd is (was), while university fine arts departments offer seminars in defacing buildings and public spaces with his graffiti image. Aerosol paint manufacturers are seeing record sales in the age 12 to 30 demographic which is perhaps good for the economy but bad on the eyes.. When your non-binary son or daughter joins anti-Semitic rallies screaming "Queers for Palestine," or sprays it on the side of your home, can't you just see them being tossed from the top of a minaret or maybe the observation deck of the Empire State Building.

What our sons and daughters are marching in support of. Source: CBS News. Over three dozen men in Syria and Iraq are known to have been executed by Islamic militants on charges of sodomy.

It's that kind of madness. All this has transpired under Joe Biden's watch.

Pulling the financial plug on education is a huge red flag because the billionaire class, many of whose elite are graduates of the same institutions they are now rushing to disinherit, isn't stupid. Universities have lost the imagination and respect of the people, a condition that can only benefit the uneducated and unprincipled who want to remold the country, to "Make America Great Again," in their own perverse image. Ironically, these are the people whose offspring most need the quality education that's being denied them.

Woker than woke

I recently came across a meme depicting a smiling father who had just knocked another man's teeth out. The victim had followed the man's teenage daughter into a women's washroom at a local mall, insisting that he identified as a woman. The enraged father insisted that he identified as The Tooth Fairy.

Source: ICBC (Canada)

I was primed to change my own gender from male to female on my Canadian driving licence and I won't need a waiver of parental consent. One can do this by simply navigating to the appropriate webpage and clicking on a box, then uploading the above listed documents. Like Onlyfans membership, one only needs to wave an ID in the air and voila! Instantly transitioned!.

I thought it might get some party laughs, not that I'd dare to enter a women's washroom, or even a Bergdorf women's change room, not uninvited anyway. In any case, by clicking on the box, the Department of Motor Vehicles robot will send me a new plasticized card authorizing use of women's washrooms from Vancouver to Saint Johns, Newfoundland; but since all my teeth remain in pretty good shape even at this advanced age, it probably isn't worth the risk. One can make the transition in a number of U.S. states too, although the USA doesn't offer free health or dental care to its citizens. My private health insurance doesn't cover dental work or eye surgery either. Again, just sayin'.

Eyes are windows into the soul

Those dark aviator sunglasses Joe loves are there for a purpose. Sister Clorets of my old Catholic elementary school days used to say that the eyes were windows into the soul, but have you noticed that the most notorious tyrants are fond of the same eyewear? Expect a solid gold pair after he's inaugurated for a second term. Trump may be a clown with fake hair, but at least we can see his dilated pupils.

Good teeth. Source: USA Today

Joe Biden acted as Barak Obama's VP, but it was arguably Hilary Clinton who stole the show with her performance as Secretary of State. I can relate to leaning on strong women but where has Kamala Harris been these past four years, and how does she deserve another four? Has anyone looked into her eyes lately? Does anyone even know where she is?

If we were to be honest with ourselves and resist the urge to seek refuge in denial, we'd painfully acknowledge that Joe Biden facilitated his son Hunter's shenanigans and unearned $$ millions in Ukraine and China and therefore has little ethical or moral authority to point fingers at Donald Trump (or anyone) for doing what was essentially the same thing. This is a bad reflection on Biden Senior's character and performance as a former VP, while as President he has not been able to refute these allegations but simply brushes them aside, instead publicly praising Hunter for his struggle with addictions. Biden pere et fils sport the same sunglasses but for different reasons.

The single most effective action the Biden administration could have taken, but didn't, would have sent a clear message, not only to the 73 million maliciously ignorant followers of a racist, gangster former-president but to his clones around the world. His administration could have brought charges of sedition against every Republican legislator who supported the cancellation of the 2020 election and demanded the extra-legal awarding of the presidency to an undeserving incumbent. These individuals broke the law; yet what has the Biden administration done to address this historical moment that sought to dismantle the democratic process and set in motion a transition to dictatorial rule at home and, by example, worldwide?

Absolutely nothing. The Biden Justice Department vacuumed up a handful of small fry who will return to the stage as folk heroes in the best American tradition.

Joe Biden's only virtue lies in his uncanny ability to navigate the halls of power, what I would call 'survivability' rather than leadership. For decades, he has maintained warm and fuzzy working relationships with the most difficult - and I'll add, despicable - of Republican and Democratic Party legislators. His cordiality and ability to work closely alongside the late South Carolina Senator Strom Thurmond in their tough-on-crime bills of the 1990s is a case in point. During Thurmond's tenure as a judge in his home state, he condemned a women, who had once been his own lover, to death. Then he offered the condemned woman a ride back to the prison in his chauffeured limo and raped her in the back seat. If you didn't already know that Washington is a swamp, well, I'm letting you in on a secret: this is the kind of company that Joe Biden and other conscientious legislators are compelled to keep. But that doesn't make Biden himself a sexual predator. For a third time, just sayin'.

President Biden might ruffle a few hairdos or bump some women’s elbows along the campaign trail, but hey, there are some real sexual predators out there and one doesn’t need night-vision goggles to spot them. The House and Senate are stuffed with them. But Joe Biden isn’t one.

It's the only good reason to vote Biden in 2024.

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I’m not sure you and I read the same news sources. I’d have to agree with some of your suppositions about Biden, but certainly not all of them.

We both know there is a shadow government calling most of the shots in America and around the world. All American presidents in modernity have bowed to them against their better judgment. So to put all the blame on Biden is a bit of a cop out, Francesco.

I still like to hear your political banter. 😊

Replying to

Your comments are always appreciated and taken seriously, Cathy. If most Americans thought as you do, the shit show wouldn't be happening. I travelled to Canada this past year and came back in shock. Too much for a brief comment but there's always the same question. In a country of 330 million (40 million for Canada), how come we cannot find better candidates? Perhaps there is a shadow government out there somewhere pulling the strings because, if cream always rises to the top, the laws of nature seem to be reversed. Cheers.

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