Updated: Apr 19

I’m sending a letter to Santa

My letter I hope he’ll receive

Oh, I wonder if he will please remember me

When he calls on Christmas Eve

He’ll get a lot of letters for playthings

From other girls and boys

But I want my soldier daddy

He’s better than all the toys

So, I’m sending my letter to Santa Claus

To bring daddy safely home to me

(Popular 1940’s tune by Lanny Rogers & Spencer Williams. Sung by Vera Lynn)

It might have been my own letter to Santa, or my little sister’s or even yours. The same plea could have been written after the Bush Dynasty launched America into the current maelstrom of endless wars for profit. It might even have come from a son or daughter of the American soldiers rented to Prince Bonesaw of Saudi Arabia.

“We got the oil…(President Donald J. Trump).

You see, America is a society inspired by violence and driven by greed, both corporate and personal. Now that the Senate has effectively declared Donald J. Trump king, there will be no end to bloodshed, whether it's school shootings and ad hoc assassinations at home or undeclared wars abroad. For-profit military adventuring and the shameless selling of mercenaries - both U.S. troops and private security firms - will characterize the American Way. Sure, President-For-Life Trump has pledged to bring the troops home from Syria and Iraq, but only so that he can rent them out for profit somewhere else. Where American forces go, American corporations follow. It's a simple equation.

One wonders why this generation - arguable the dumbest ever - is so eager to sign up. But the fact is, we can't see the forest for the trees. It's the promise of opportunity and, of course, greed. The latest generation of American men and women don't mind that the benefits promised them for voluntary military service - education, travel, status, money - are predicated on blood spilling. There isn't even a military draft anymore. Instead, this generation is quite willing to murder innocent men, women and children, the so-called 'collateral damage' that amounts to the bulk of casualties in any war zone, if it means a cash benefit for themselves. Stopping Hitler or ending the Holocaust aren't valid motives anymore. In fact, studies show that most young Americans have only a sketchy notion of what World War II was all about and many more haven't even heard of the Holocaust.

Half a century ago, America’s involvement in foreign wars signalled a sanguineous end to tyranny in the world with the defeat of Nazi Germany and the Empire of Japan. The United States was a lazy dog basking in the shade of a sycamore tree, safe and secure with mighty oceans on each of her flanks, a Canadian Arctic to the north, and a Mexican desert to the south. But psychopathic dictators with criminal intent kicked the sleeping bitch, and history has recorded the result.

Ask yourselves the question. This time around, will what remains of the Free World come to liberate America from a psychopathic dictator with criminal intent? Or will that dictator use America's mighty armed forces against its own citizenry while the world stands stupified on the sidelines?

No Gold Star widow in 2020 should expect to receive the same condolences addressed to our Mom in February 1945. Instead, she’s more likely to suffer a cynical jab from the President-For-Life: ”He knew what he signed on for…” That's what characterizes a mercenary army led by a callous dictator.

Absolutely the dumbest generation ever.