Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Tearing a page from Arnold Swarzenneger’s ‘The Terminator,’ Donald Trump doesn’t need to leave Washington warning “I’ll be back.” That’s because he’ll never really leave.

Allow me to explain.

Like John Gotti, AKA the Teflon Don, nothing sticks to the Trumps. It has long been postulated by persons in the know that Donald J. Trump is a CI. That’s a ‘Confidential Informant’ in FBI-speak. In Mafia-speak, it means ‘a rat.’

But like I said, the Trumps are Teflon, as well as bulletproof. No American Mafia family would dare touch a hair of their heads. Why? Because in America everyone scratches everyone else’s back. Everyone in the underworld knew that his casino licenses were untouchable despite his multiple violations simply because Trump had been singing to the authorities on his gangland partners all along. The price of neutralizing this rat was always much too high. Besides, the Sicilians have an old saying: “The man who takes his revenge in less than 20 years is a fool.”

Donald J. Trump isn’t just a narcissistic psychopath with criminal intent. He’s a former President of the United States and, as such, he and his family of despicable miscreants are entitled to Secret Service protection, 24/7, for their entire lives. That’s right. Your tax dollars are paying to guard them against any and all retribution. That is, if the SDNY doesn’t get their wish. In that case, your tax dollars will go to housing them in what will surely prove to be the cushiest prison ever seen in USA, that is, Mar-a-Lago, under Secret Service protection. They definitely won’t be going into cages at the border. The Sicilians can wait their 20 years, or 200 years if they like. But they’re never going to get vengeance on Donald J. Trump.

Here’s where the Law of Unintended Consequences kicks in, but it won’t work like you might think.

Donald J. Trump never wanted to be President of the United States. He only craved attention after TV audiences got bored with The Apprentice. The shit show in Washington over the past four years is almost entirely the fault of Trump’s enablers, the Republican Party and its backers. Whatever Donald did or said during that period, he was only being Donald (see ). Dangerous yes; he put the country and the world on the brink of a militarized standoff with Iran, to divert attention away from his own impeachment, as if being bogged down in Afghanistan and Syria weren’t enough. His non-response to the Covid-19 epidemic snuffed out over 240,000 lives and the death toll shows no sign of abatement. He bullied and shamed practically everyone. He tweeted (and continues to tweet) ad nauseam. But in the end, 70 million Americans voted for his return to power in 2020. That number represents the will of roughly half the American populace.

The unintended consequence of Trump’s 2016 bid for the White House resulted in unintended victory, teaching us to be careful what we wish for. The unintended consequence of his garnering even more votes in 2020 than he did in 2016, although losing by a small margin to Joe Biden, illustrates the unintended consequence of Democrats assuming that reason would prevail after four years of utter turmoil. With an increased number of Republican seats in the House and a Republican controlled Senate, Biden will have a very tough row to hoe. Worst of all, the unintended consequence of all those votes despite her Daddy’s loss to Biden will be Ivanka Trump’s bid for the White House in 2024.

You say it can’t happen. You think the SDNY will throw her pink plastic arse into jail faster than the Chinese approved her patent applications for escort services and coffins? I say it won’t happen that way, because the SDNY doesn’t run America. Charles Koch and his organization runs America and they have very deep pockets (see While Democrats celebrate a Biden-Harris win, the Koch crowd is celebrating the Trump loss. Trump’s enablers knew they’d need to kick him to the curb the moment he made that ill-conceived phone call to Ukraine, and ever since that event they’ve been grooming ‘Jarvanka’ for the role.

But what about all the crimes?

Let’s be honest here. None of Trump’s crimes would have even been detected if he hadn’t run for President. Again, the Law of Unintended Consequences.

Now that Leticia James and Cyrus Vance have Princess Ivanka in their crosshairs, we’ll get another lesson in how Teflon keeps everything from sticking. The US Supreme Court has been sitting on a second request from Trump to block the Manhattan DA’s subpoena of the Trump Organization’s accounting and tax records for over a month now and, as we already know, Republicans have stacked the SCOTUS with their own operatives. Those accounting records will remain sealed tighter than fish pussy and that’s waterproof.

What could cause things to come unhinged are Trump Organization payments to Ivanka for ‘consulting services.’ I love the term ‘consultant.’ Everyone nowadays is a consultant. They used to be called ‘shop girls’ or ‘sales ladies and salesmen.’ Now they’re sales consultants. Your barber and hairdresser are now your personal grooming consultants. Prostitutes were once known as ‘hookers’ but they were upgraded to ‘sex trade workers’ then to ‘personal services consultants.’ I’m not trying to exaggerate. When I was a kid in the ‘40’s, a guy could get laid for two bucks. Today’s consultant fees might surprise you.

Please note that the Trump Organization disclaims any relationship with the above website or table of prices. But hey, it’s not as if they’ve never told any lies. Let’s just call it an ‘alternate fact.’

Nonetheless, as the slaps-on-the-wrist doled out to Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen, Roger Stone, and a few others point out, no member of the Trump Family is likely to be issued an orange jumpsuit anytime soon. Or ever. Just think for a minute. 55% of American White women voters selected Donald Trump in 2020. They thought a racist grifter and his porn star wife make excellent role models for their sons and daughters. Even the Black and Latino votes increased. If Melania Trump is an American ideal, then how much more support will there be for Ivanka – a mother and successful businesswoman - as the first ‘elected’ woman President? A lot. Just imagine if Republicans had been fielding a woman candidate for president in 2020 instead of a drug-addled old reprobate; how many more Republican - or even Democrat - women would have mobilized behind her? That’s what’s going to happen in 2024. Ivanka isn’t headed for jail. She’s headed for the Oval Office.

What can the Biden Administration do to discourage a comeback in 2024 and at the same time satisfy Democratic Party supporters' lust for blood, that insatiable urge to make the Trump Gang pay for their crimes? The answer is: absolutely nothing, because the Trumps are Teflon.

Questions, questions! You ask why I’m so negative? Whose side am I on, anyway?

I’m on your side, America. You’ve put your foot in the doggie doo too many times lately and it’s beginning to stink up the room.

You knew that Joe Biden is 78 years-old and that he’s already had a brush with death due to an aneurism that, thankfully, was neutralized by skilled medical intervention. He came that close. The Presidency is a punishing experience as Joe already knows, even for a much younger and stronger man. We can wish it otherwise, but we can’t make it otherwise. Then, we heard the famous: "I've fallen down and can't get up." The President-elect had fallen and broken his ankle.

If Biden doesn’t survive his Presidency, then Kamala Harris will automatically assume the role. Isn’t that cause for celebration?

No. It isn’t. Because that’s not what the country needs or what the majority of voters want. It will take only a small margin of votes to swing the pendulum in the other direction in 2024 and the Trump Crime Family, with Charles Koch at their backs, knows this. Ivanka has more sex appeal for White women voters, who are the majority, than does Kamala. They will forgive Ivanka’s airhead stupidity and lack of leadership skills, because when were intelligence and leadership ever prerequisites for public office? Ivanka’s wardrobe far outstrips Kamala’s in both fashion sense and sticker price. And she’s a mother, which Kamala is not.

After all, her Daddy won the Presidency in 2016 and everyone knew exactly what an unprincipled, inexperienced, semi-illiterate narcissist he actually was. They’d been watching him in action on the telly for 14 seasons.

Meanwhile, the incoming Biden-Harris team is already alienating their supporters with questionable selections for cabinet posts, and cozying up to likeminded politicians such as the duplicitous and generally despicable Lindsay Graham. Maybe they have a strategy, but I doubt it. The reality is that their own values and policies align with those of Trump’s enablers. If that weren’t so, then why didn’t Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats enforce all those snubbed subpoenas back in 2019? They had a good shot at turfing Donald Trump out of the White House and spent a lot of taxpayer money in the attempt, but it was all theatre. They were simply passing the ball back and forth on the excuse that anything more effective (like enforcing the laws of the land) would be ‘too divisive,’ not for the American people, but for their own personal and sectarian interests.

Worst of all, the Biden-Harris Administration won’t get even a single important bill through the Senate (see

The whole Biden strategy is to sweep all the dirt under the rug and not alienate anybody because in the end American politicians are all cut from the same fabric. That’s why the Trump Gang is made of Teflon. And Kevlar (bullet-proof), too. The Law of Unintended Consequences always benefits them.

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