Updated: Oct 13

Here’s something everyone can agree on: Lady Ghislaine has the goods on POTUS45. And it’s a sure bet that she’s got more than a little dirt on FLOTUS45. And practically everyone else in Washington.

Is there no way the President of the United States and his porn star wife could ever alienate the nation’s 150 million Magabots? We’re talking half the American electorate here; and half of them are women.

Can a fake Einstein Visa be revoked? Can indictment for immigration fraud send a disgraced First Lady back to the Eastern European backwater that spawned her? Can raping a 13-year-old girl put a sitting President behind bars?

Is there any hope for America?

Ghislaine Maxwell holds the answers to these questions. Unfortunately for the country, nobody will hear from her until after November 3. And unfortunately for her, it’s quite likely she’ll be ‘suicided’ before getting anywhere near a courtroom. But that’s the American Way, isn’t it? And that’s why the President of the United States wishes her well.


Kind of like waving goodbye to your beloved grandma via her mobile phone before they dump her infected remains into a mass grave. Once again, our thanks go out to Donald J. Trump. He wishes us all well, because living in the USA these days can be really dangerous and a serious health risk. Covid-19, on the other hand, doesn't give a rat's ass about good wishes. Like Trump, it simply wants to kill us.

Thanks, Tony. Yeah, 98.9K likes. Plus one.

Then there’s the mathematically challenged @GeraldoRivera. Like the pathetic clowns Diamond & Silk who will do anything for attention and money, his head is so far up Trump’s derriere he can predict a toxic gas release before it formulates in his host’s tiny cranium. 25-year-old crimes? Is he talking about a statute of limitations on child sexual abuse and trafficking? Does he expect us to believe the Epstein/Maxwell tag team went squeaky clean after 1995? If this narcissistic psycho angling for a cabinet position (Secretary of Bread and Circuses, perhaps?) in the post-November dictatorship had any sense of morality, or even reality, he’d be afraid. Very afraid. Like Santa Claus, Lady Ghislaine has made a list and she’s checking it twice. Already knows who’s naughty or nice.

I might actually agree with Geraldo on one thing, though. The media mob does want to see her lynched, but only to boost their own ratings. Like Trump. The media itself is part of America’s problem. Although labelled ‘Enemy of the People’ by the White House, in a society predicated on racism, bigotry and greed, the press cannot do any better. Ours is effectively a 'single party' system with a lame duck Congress that couldn't impeach an orang-utan's arse for squatting on the President's face. And if you still think that November 3 will be the panacea, then please check the net worth of your local senators and congress-people. Not a clean hand in sight. But they'll all swear to having kept their underpants on. Sure @GeraldoRivera, blame it all on the media.

In a separate post (www.francescorizzuto.com/post/in-praise-of-sleazeballs-not) I explained why there are no likeable characters in the whole Epstein saga, why the so-called victims are not real victims, and how even the Dershowitz Argument (the president can do anything he wants if he thinks it’s in the interest of the country) won’t hold water when it comes to rape. And I explained why even child prostitutes need to be held accountable for their crimes; why underage girls who trafficked dozens of other underage girls for sex are not good role models for America’s youth and should not be rewarded in the media or by the courts.

Like Lee Harvey Oswald’s tax returns (sealed by the Warren Commission for 70 years), we need to know the real source of Jeffrey Epstein’s wealth, explaining how he was able to operate an enormous pyramid scheme that netted dozens of underage girls for the sexual gratification of men and women in high public positions and the entertainment industry. And like Trump’s tax returns may eventually expose the President for the con man he really is, neither was Epstein the high-powered businessman and financial wizard he claimed to have been. There were powerful string pullers, enablers in high places, who made Epstein what he was and to whom he was not only indebted, but whom he blackmailed.

Lady Ghislaine is making a list and she’s checking it twice. We’re gonna find out who’s naughty or nice.

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