Why Trump Will Win in 2020

Updated: May 31, 2020

American Presidential line-up for the next generation.

Here’s the premise: Donald Trump will win re-election hands-down in 2020.

And here’s my justification for thinking what most thinking people think is unthinkable.

American society is predicated on racism, bigotry and greed. If you don’t recognize this, then either you didn’t pay enough attention in history class or you’ve been sheltering in a too-moist location for much too long. Under a rock, perhaps? Or Mar-a-Lago?

While the USA is many things and its emergence as a nation is quite unique in the history of the world, a so-called republic founded on a constitution does not a democracy make. Practically nothing in its history supports the notion that Americans enjoy a government of the people, by the people, and for the people with liberty and justice for all. In the troubled Trump Era and the run-up to 2020, America is simply experiencing the government it deserves.

Day-to-day details may embarrass some at home and invite widespread ridicule abroad, but the choices that almost every American makes support the evidence that equal opportunity and fair play – or as Superman used to proclaim: Truth, Justice and the American Way – isn’t what America is all about.

“Gimme the facts, m’am, just the facts.” Okay, here goes...

As Canadian publisher Conrad Black pointed out in a September 27, 2019 National Post article entitled “Why Donald Trump Will Win Big in 2020,” the United States is not, and never was, the country of the American Revolutionary mythos. It is, and has always been, a con game from beginning to end, highly entertaining and enriching for some but oppressive for many more, especially those whose skin is not White.

As Black’s article points out, the war that led to the Declaration of Independence of 1776 and the Thirteen Colonies’ split from Britain in 1783 was never a war for the rights of man, and the former colonists enjoyed no more rights and freedoms after separation than did Britains, Canadians (then still a colony of Britain) or many other sovereign nations, and sometimes fewer. The Constitution’s chief author and advocate, Thomas Jefferson, was himself a slave holder and his ‘oeuvre majeure’ firmly entrenched slavery and its repercussions in American life for the next two centuries.

Sure, the Civil War of 1860-65, in which 750,000 lost their lives, ostensibly ended slavery as an institution, decades after almost all other nations had peacefully abolished it in their homelands and territorial holdings. A curious fact is that by the 1860's, there was more capital locked up in mortgages on human collateral, e.g., the approximately 4 million slaves out of a total population of only 31 million, than there was value in all the real estate and industrial holdings of the entire nation both North and South. The banks and private investors, both domestic and foreign, gleaned enormous profits from human misery at the same time that the American army implemented a government endorsed campaign of genocide against native peoples to free up more land to expand the slave-based economy after the invention of the cotton gin in the 1830s, causing a scramble amongst slave owners to expand their operations – the unique and still-current American obsession with uncontrolled economic growth. The Civil War did not end slavery with participation in society open to all. Instead, it simply redrew the ground rules by ushering in the Jim Crow era. A hundred years later, descendants of former slaves still could not vote or participate in mainstream American society in any significant way.

There is a ‘why’ for this deplorable situation, as there is a why for everything else. Like the Italians who cherish ‘la bella figura’ above life itself, Americans cherish money and power. Have you ever seen a ‘poor’ televangelist? Has the demented pastor Paula White, now on the White House payroll, ever walked in the footsteps of Jesus by practicing poverty and chastity? Can anyone who isn’t already wealthy and enjoying millions or even billions in private and corporate campaign donations ever become president? No. Overwhelmingly, no. You can point to Barak Obama, but for many reasons it’s a false equivalence. Too many reasons to go into in this short blog entry but you get the picture. So, we’ll leave that subject for another day.

If you don’t think that money and power is what American politics is all about, then look closely at the rather flimsy basis on which the Democrats have predicated their impeachment campaign, as if there weren’t more glaring misbehaviour and disregard for democratic principles and the rule of law already displayed by the Trump-led Administration with its entourage of sycophants, toadies and political retreads over the past 2 ½ years. General lack of decorum aside, the Trump family has crassly, and to nobody's benefit, stripped away the invisible protective shield that had traditionally armored American politicians from rotten tomatoes thrown by indignant citizens who weren't getting rich as fast as their elected leaders. But that in itself is a matter of style and not a crime.

Now a whistleblower has accused Donald Trump of using his office to solicit interference in his favour by a foreign power in the upcoming 2020 Presidential election. Trump asked Ukraine’s current president, Volodymyr Zelensky, to initiate an investigation into the involvement of his leading political opponent’s son, Hunter Biden, in corruption during Hunter’s stint as a director of the Ukrainian energy giant Burisma Holdings, and to liaise with Attorney General William Barr and his personal attorney, Rudolph Giuliani on the matter. At the same time, he withheld almost $400 million in Congressionally approved military assistance in the balance, clearly a quid pro quo if there ever was one. I won’t go into all the sordid details, most of which are public domain by this time; however, there is no question whatsoever that Joe Biden used his image and influence as Vice-President to shepherd his own progeny through the international halls of power, a voyage that resulted in much actual wealth accruing to the Biden family.

Hunter Biden himself is little different from Trump’s own two sons, Donald Junior and Eric, in terms of career arc, lifestyle and personal appeal. None among this deadbeat trinity is a paragon of virtue, charm and grace, that is, unless you're among the intellectually-challenged horde that voted Trump in 2016. Just as Ivanka, totally lacking in any aesthetic or business sense, pretends the trendy fashion mogul, Hunter himself rose to wealth and notoriety by collecting millions in salaries and compensation from corporate and non-profit entities both national and foreign, carried along on his eminent father’s coattails. He got his start with one of the biggest corporate donors to his father's political campaigns, then a friend of his father got him a job in the Clinton administration, then work as a lobbyist, and finally a stint as a highly paid director of a Ukrainian energy giant despite lacking any expertise in resource extraction, Eastern European energy concerns, or Ukrainian regulatory affairs. He used Burisma as his own private ATM. His personal resume places him firmly on par with Ivanka and Jared, Trump's senior advisors who had no previous experience whatsoever in government, never mind international affairs.

All Donnie Junior, Eric and Javanka have, and Hunter lacks, is polish. In an arguably misguided attempt to smooth out a few dents and earn himself a bit of street cred, in May 2013, Hunter Biden joined the U.S. Naval Reserve receiving an age-related waiver since he was over the cut-off age of 42. He received a second waiver because of a past drug-related incident. He received a direct commission as an ensign serving in a public affairs reserve unit until February 2014 when he was discharged after testing positive for cocaine use. By comparison, Donald Trump’s bone spurs related draft deferral looks rather good.

Nothing about the Administration's handling of this whistleblower's complaint is unusual, but instead torn straight from the Trump playbook. Donald Trump repeats the process at almost every one of his political rallies, whether it's going after Joe Biden's son, casting aspersions on the character of Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar by insinuating that she'd married her own brother, or re-pilloring Hilary Clinton to angry shouts of "Lock Her Up" from lusty crowds calling for blood. First, he asks vague questions alluding to the possibility of wrong doing on the part of his target, then drops tidbits of innuendo or even outright lies. The accusations are usually broad enough that his sympathetic base can fill in the lurid details. Once the snake is out of the bag, so to speak, he leans back to watch the poison do its work, refreshing the accusation at each new rally or media opportunity. His disdain for Blacks, Jews, Muslims, migrants, and political opponents, and uncloaked sympathy for White Supremacists, have been enough to trigger assassination attempts by so-called patriots deciding to unilaterally execute the President's implied-or-otherwise orders, beginning with Cesar Sayok and most recently the El Paso Walmart shooter.

A master of character assassination, the President would never accuse any of his targets face-to-face, and, when cornered he will cleverly disavow having ever mentioned such a thing. It's always a matter of the Fake News outlets misinterpreting his words. This time, however, he's called out his adversaries, more to trigger his base to commit ad hoc reprisals than a sincere invitation to engage in open and honest dialogue. In a closed White House session, the President accused the whistleblower of treason and alluded to how spies used to be treated. The last example of how spies used to be treated was the 1953 execution of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, engineered by Trump's former attorney Roy Cohen, a sleazy mob lawyer who was disbarred for reprehensible behaviour. If Trump's so-called 'people' get their leader's drift, they'll already know what to do.

In a knee-jerk response to the President's mob-style appeal for action, one MAGA supporter tweeted:

What’s wrong with all this nepotism, political skullduggery and unadorned greed? Absolutely nothing, at least not according to the prevailing value system. As respected journalist Bob Woodward (Nixon - Watergate) has pointed out, the so called quid-pro-quo associated with the Ukrainian call is not illegal because there is no existing law against it. A basic principle of law holds that an accused cannot be retroactively indicted for violating a statute that was not in place at the time the violation was supposedly committed.

The chink in the Democratic armour that will doom the impeachment process is the sheer fact that everything in diplomacy is a quid pro quo. The entire legislative process in both houses of Congress is a game of you-do-this-for-me-then-I-do-this-for-you. Or for your wife/son/daughter/friend. Washington is characterized more by its army of lobbyists than its monuments to democracy. Character assassination and political blackmail are part of the everyday ebb and flow of political life. And as the President once cynically quipped in a telephone call to a grieving war widow: "He knew what he signed up for." Well, when you run for public office, you soon find out what you signed up for. Once the finger pointing begins, then the knives come out, no one on either side of this debate will emerge unscathed.

What's more, and as far as Biden's son or Trump's unholy brood are concerned, so many American politicians have done and are still doing the same that not only is the process of garnering personal wealth through public influence not illegal, it’s widely accepted as being perfectly normal and acceptable. Trump himself has thrown the emoluments clause to the winds. The American public demands very little from its leaders in terms of honesty, accountability and transparency. Imperfect as it was, in this sense, his predecessor's stint in the White House seems a total anomaly.

The impeachment process will fail because justice can never emerge from a system that’s dedicated to generating wealth and power for the few at the cost of the many. A measure of revenge for some, entertainment and further enrichment for others maybe, but not justice. Donald Trump will not be unseated by an impeachment inquiry driven by a coalition of legislators with so much dirty laundry of their own piled in the back of their political clothes closets. For that very reason, Republicans will side with their party leader like forty thieves around the mythical Ali Baba.

If nothing else, the GOP will circle the wagons then pick off their attackers one after another. Trump has begun by labelling Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler, the two point men of the impeachment inquiry and both Jewish, as "Shifty," an adjective clearly meant to resonate with his Anti-Semitic base, and called out Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes, a woman of colour who has nothing directly to do with the inquiry, labelling all three as "savages." Curiously, he hasn't yet come out with a more pejorative nickname for 'Nervous' Nancy Pelosi but surely he's merely waiting for her to show any sign of weakness signalling the best time to pounce. Meanwhile, Lindsay Graham and other Republican leaders are licking their chops over the millions in donations that have begun to flow into the Trump war chest, practically thanking the Democrats for their rash generosity.

At this point in time, the only reasonable tactic is to prepare for the unthinkable. If the intrepid Rudy Giuliani makes good on his promise to return from his current cloak and dagger mission to Ukraine with goods on the Bidens and, by implication, the whole Obama Administration, it will go down in history as Hiroshima for the impeachment process and, perhaps, the Democratic Party itself.

Like I said, it's the dirty laundry that's going to sink a so narrowly focused Democrat-led assault instead of one that should have included a broad smorgasbord of actual crimes over the past two and a half years and earlier, before the 2016 election; indeed, an entire life of criminal intent in fleecing unwary investors and creditors in real estate schemes and cheating on taxes. To support the President's still relatively mild Anti-Semitic and racist jibes at his accusers, Trump's team, spearheaded by Barr, Pompeo and Giuliani, will smear enough of the Democratic caucus to destroy any credibility in the minds of voters on both sides of the argument. They will thoroughly discredit Pelosi and the House for having brought charges against the President for something that was never illegal in the first place. Bad form maybe, bad optics for sure, but hey...everybody's doing it. They will very successfully utilize the Department of Justice to pit the Executive against the Legislative Branch, blackmailing government functionaries to defy subpoenas under threat of career suicide or worse, and trading on the scandalous behaviour (sex, drugs, payola, you-name-it) that's an integral part of almost everyone's resume across the American political spectrum. Worst of all, they will succeed in besmirching the Obama legacy, thereby assuring a GOP win in 2020.

The fact that Donald Trump continues to enrich himself using his office in direct violation of the Constitution while being under investigation by the states for tax evasion is a far stronger case than Ukraine or China or Australia or whatever other nuances the present inquiry may dig up. Meanwhile, Democrats continue to pursue the current allegations at their own peril and to the ultimate benefit of their GOP adversaries. Despite there being so few clean hands among the lot, the single thing that nobody among the Dems has yet done - or at least been caught red-handedly - is to ask a foreign power to interfere in their own election campaign by exposing dirt on an opponent, but again that's a matter of optics and, in the cynical and shape-shifting world of politics, not an actual violation of law. Dems have chosen the safe (for themselves, supposedly) but far less reliable route toward impeachment to the extent of risking a vote on launching the inquiry. Once Trump has beaten them back, there will be nothing he cannot do outside the law because there won't be a second impeachment inquiry. America, and the values it so hypocritically espouses, will be confirmed in what it always was: a society predicated on racism, bigotry and greed. And Donald J. Trump will be its king.

Trump knows that an orchestrated offence is always the best defence, the thrust of his entire business model. He has no qualms whatsoever about suing the same government which he has sworn to serve. He learned a very practical lesson from former President Bill Clinton, which is that refusing to budge practically guarantees the derailing of any attempt at impeachment. Clinton's base wasn't as maliciously ignorant or well armed as Trump's. And once the President has won this latest struggle, he will emerge emboldened and self-justified in refusing to step down in 2020, or indeed ever. Nancy Pelosi will have more to worry about than whether or not impeachment is too divisive for the nation. All who appeared as witnesses will be forever watching their backs.

Impeachment is a process wherein the Senate chamber becomes a court of justice, yet no American President has yet been successfully impeached there. The American justice system in general is so flawed that 95% of federal prosecutions are won, and 95% of those are achieved on plea bargains, hardly a measure of equal application of law in even the most cynical democracy. There is one justice system for Whites and another for Blacks, one for the rich and one for the poor, one for the powerful and another for the powerless. As the Trump Administration’s continual snub of Congressional subpoenas suggests, there is also one justice system for Republicans and another for Democrats. And because Americans tend to cheer the underdog and dearly love a winner, any impeachment inquiry at this point in time and on so flimsy and hypocritical a grounds can only backfire. Donald Trump will emerge a hero with even greater respect for having again beaten back what he characterizes as a cabal of self-serving, traitorous political adversaries, those he calls "savages," because the USA worships success and ruthlessly demands it. Having taken nepotism, corruption and cartoonish greed to previously unseen levels will only make the achievement more noteworthy, enhancing his currency in the upcoming 2020 election if Trump doesn’t abolish it entirely.

Think about it. Many among the American middle class – those who do all the work and pay all the taxes – identify with liberalism (define it your own way) and the platitudes and jingoism that constitute Americans’ idea of themselves; yet, racism, bigotry and greed are built into all of our psyches practically from the cradle, by our parents’ role models and an education system that is seriously flawed by world standards (26th in academic achievement; Finland is No. 1). Generations of poor-quality education have spawned a citizenry incapable of understanding and unwilling to embrace the core issues.

As Adolph Hitler wryly commented in the 1930s: “How lucky for governments that citizens don’t think.” At the same time, celebrity worship offers a polite justification for even the most despicable and abusive behaviours because everyone admires the trappings of a winner. Trump will succeed in 2020 because he is a steam roller that grinds his opposition to dust by any means necessary and that’s what inspires and fuels the American imagination. There's nothing Americans adore more than a forceful, self-righteous bully.

America has always been a land of high ideals and great achievement, but those achievements have almost universally occurred at high cost and by violating or suppressing the interests, rights, and well-being of others. While the USA might be the world’s most powerful nation with what is undoubtedly the most dedicated and effective military machine ever conceived, the application of its enormous might to endless, economically motivated wars negates any moral value that might have accrued. If my own father (MIA 1945) were here today, he would hardly recognize the same values that the ‘greatest’ generation once espoused in a world campaign to eradicate Fascism. Instead, he would encounter the identical Fascist value system at work in Washington and across the nation today.

Worse, the emergence of social media has rewarded everyone with the false confidence of being in-the-know to the extent that we no longer respect or listen to the actual experts, the teachers and political scientists who have no monetary or power stakes in government. We like our information in short, entertaining news bytes and GIFs, not ponderous editorials or scholarly analysis. We’re too busy for that. Instead, we run on retweeted gossip. If you’ve ever been tempted to delete your Facebook or Twitter account in disgust at the constant witch hunts and disinformation streams, unadorned ignorance and sheer lies masquerading as truth (especially from @realDonaldTrump), then you know what I’m saying. We think we’re informed but we’re not; and we don’t want to be.

I’m starting to get preachy here so it’s obviously time to quit.

In summary, Donald Trump will win big in 2020 simply because of what he represents and what Americans – even those who profess to be liberal and Democratic – truly worship: all the core values and dubious qualities that the Trump Dynasty shamelessly displays. Let’s close by reviewing the man’s track record and why the majority of Americans will support his reelection.

  • Born into wealth – the prototypical American dream

  • Forceful and ruthless. Ready and willing to use any means necessary to achieve his personal goals which he equates with the goals of the nation; basically, the embodiment of the ‘rugged individual’ of Old West fame and the classical American hero

  • Learned his business skills at the knee of his father, a sleazy real estate developer and KKK enthusiast, and honed them in the school of mob lawyer Roy Cohen. A Manhattan real estate tycoon who consistently cheated his contractors, bankrupted 4 times and ran a casino into the ground, a rather unique achievement in itself

  • Stole funds from a children's cancer charity (Old West badmen robbed banks and stage coaches, not sick children)

  • Pulled in 25 million viewers over 14 seasons to a vulgar television show, thereby becoming a national celebrity and media icon

  • Boxing, wrestling and beauty contest impresario - a self-proclaimed sexual athlete and macho-man who - unlike Vladimir Putin - couldn't punch his way out of a paper bag

  • Master of disinformation, having convinced millions of Americans that Barak Obama was not born in the USA and that a Certificate of Live Birth does not constitute a ‘birth certificate'

  • Sired 5 children by 3 spouses, while consistently cheating on each, publicly affirming that he “grabs ‘em (e.g., women) by the pussy,” (none of the forgoing being actually 'illegal'), then illegally used campaign donations to silence his illicit partners

  • Hijacked the Republican Party nomination and won the presidency in 2016 with fewer votes than his opponent whom he continues to insist should be "locked up". Tearing a page from George Orwell, Hillary Clinton has become the new Emmanuel Goldstein

  • Authored consistent GDP growth per capita and a rise in lower middle-class income while restructuring tax regimes in favour of the upper income 1% who control over 40% of the country’s wealth

  • Made a Slovakian-born porn star First Lady of the United States (every red-blooded American schoolboy knows what to do with her naked photos)

  • Associate of the late Jeffrey Epstein (every male’s secret fantasy) whom he has since kicked to the curb

  • Defeated Special Counsel Robert Mueller who was too intimidated to challenge the President’s power (Mueller managed to keep his head)

  • Consistently end-runs the national press, having labelled journalists as ‘enemies of the people’ and inventing the term ‘Fake News’

  • The first American President to never have held public office, acquired any knowledge of politics whatsoever, or served in the military

  • The documented author of tens of thousands of lies

  • Publicly mocks the handicapped, immigrants, Jews, Muslims and all Non-Whites to massive applause from his so-called base, that is, fully half the voting public

  • Alludes to being God’s Chosen One. Enjoys enormous support across the entire religious spectrum from Roman Catholic to Evangelical, including America's most powerful media influence: the televangelists, the worst of whom he has placed on the public payroll

  • Suggests that abolishing limits on the Presidential term of office would be a good thing.

  • Potential author of an actual Armageddon. According to John M. Talmadge,MD, a physician and clinical professor of psychiatry at U.T. Southwestern Medical Center, "Trump does not have a vision or a plan, because he can think only in concrete, elementary, childlike, one dimensional terms...He does not process an abstract idea like American forces stabilizing a multilateral conflict with geopolitical implications." A letter to Congress signed by 250 medical professionals led by Bandy Lee, MD, editor of 'The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump' published by the World Mental Heath Coalition, warned lawmakers to take into consideration the mental state of the world's most powerful leader, a narcissistic sociopath with his finger on the nuclear trigger.

Now, how could such an accomplished individual (let’s call him Individual One) not enjoy the support of a society predicated on racism, bigotry and greed? Donald Trump is, in fact, the most characteristic and vital expression of that society.

Donald Trump will win the Presidential race in 2020 and his progeny may never leave office.

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